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    Hi there,

    I am using twenty-twenty since years. Now I switched to this plugin because it’s a little bit more convenient…

    Unfortunately does it behave very strong. In Preview mode everything works fine. But once I publish the article it disappears after +- 5 seconds…

    In the first 5 seconds I can see the before-after screen – it’s misaligned but well – there…?!?!

    Any idea for this one?

    In this dropbox you will find screenshots:

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Zayed Baloch



    The Refrakt theme is conflicting with the plugin. Your installed theme adding an inline height: 0px style to twentytwenty-container.

    Please contact to theme developer regarding the conflicting issue, or just share the theme with me I will try to test the plugin and gives you the solution.



    Sent u a wetransfer…


    Any News on this one?!?

    hey zayed! i’m having a similar problem. in reality, i fixed the problem people are having with the container opening too big by simply putting in the width (px) of the image in the shortcode. until then…i was fine. however, when i added lazyload (a3 and tried others), things went wrong again but this time, only with the height. however, if you touch the slider, the vertical clip fixes itself. i can’t get my head around this. i even tried to implement a height option in your shortcode, but no luck, perhaps it conflicts with css clip in the jquery. i’ve checked all the code of all the plugins and the theme i’m using and can’t find where the “height” error is happening. any ideas?? btw, awesome plugin!

    Hi there,

    I am still struggling – it is working as long as I am in preview mode. Once I publish the article I have the same problem again…

    Them Autor said they won’t support… ;-(

    Any other options out there that I might use?

    Here is where I used it last…


    Hi there @alxhrrs

    Just deactivated Lazy load in Jetpack and it’s fine again…?!?!

    Greetings – did you find a solution?

    hey freiheitenwelt! sorry, my german is horrible so i’ll have to write in english. so, i eventually just changed themes. at first, i thought i was something wrong with the theme, then i had the same problem on other themes and thought it was a bug in wordpress 5. then i started to realize that i was most likely a problem with the plugin. i haven’t had time finish the website, but i made it work by using the widget in the footer. in reality, i was never able to fix it, i just worked around it. sorry for the bad news. i haven’t worked on the site since i last posted here so things may have gotten better….

    Hi there @alxhrrs

    Ok – on my theme ( it works now alright – I just can’t activate lazy load… But well – I can live with that…

    For me it looks like a conflict with jetpack and 2020… ?!?

    Maybe some future update will fix it – for now I keep it as you and keep the workaround…


    exactly! i forgot to mention that practically speaking, the whole problem is simply with lazyload. i don’t know if it’s 2020, wp 5, or even specific themes, but it works fine until you apply a lazyload plugin. that’s when things go to hell. unfortunately, yeah…we’ll just have to be patient and work around man. all the best!! btw, refrakt is really cool, nice choose bro!

    Thx – yes really love the theme… 😉 (buggy though) – had to fix a lot of stuff…


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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