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    Hi David,

    I’m experiencing some occasional strange behavior with the “Att. Tags” admin page. Here’s what’s happening:

    I import images with embedded IPTC keywords, and these keywords are being mapped to the attachment_tags taxonomy. If I edit the image outside of WordPress and delete certain embedded keywords, and then subsequently re-import the image into WordPress as a new image, the old keywords that were originally associated with the image (i.e. the keywords that were removed from the image) are still being associated with the image in the “Att. Tags” admin page. However, when you click on the number in the “Attachments” column to view the image(s) that supposedly still have these keywords attached, the keyword doesn’t show up in the list of attachment tags associated with the image. It’s almost as if the “Att. Tags” admin page is maintaining term associations that are no longer there. Perhaps when an image is deleted from the Media Library in WordPress, MLA is not removing or updating the associated media items that are supposed to have this keyword? Even this doesn’t make sense unless MLA is mapping terms/tags to image based on something other than post ID?

    The only way I’ve found to avoid this behavior is to delete the attachment tag term from MLA and WordPress, but this is not always feasible or desirable if the term/tag is still valid for other images in my Media Library.

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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for this report. I’ve done some testing and I cannot reproduce the symptoms you report.

    I’m not sure what steps you followed to “re-import the image into WordPress as a new image.” The steps I performed were: 1) Delete the image from the Media Library, 2) Modify IPTC keywords in PhotoShop, 3) Use the “Media/Add New” screen to import the changed image.

    I did not change the file name or any other IPTC data values. When I deleted the original image, the term associations were deleted as well. When I “re-imported” the image, it was given a new object ID and the new term associations reflected this.

    Could you send me a sample image (two files, before and after the edit) and tell me the step-by-step process you performed to cause the problem?

    Marking this as resolved for now as I’ve not been able to repeat the issue and it’s unclear what was causing it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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