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    So my site auto updates wordpress. So a view weeks back my site got version 5.2.3. After that, I started to experience strange behavior on my site.
    The Media library stops loading, I couldn’t put product on my post. I couldn’t “Search” stuff any more. I also had trouble saving post. Al small strange things.

    So I started debugging.
    First updated all my plugins – Didn’t solve my problem.
    Next turned to default theme – Didn’t solve my problem.
    So I turned all my plugins off – This did revolve my media library and saving posts.
    So One of my plugins was not ok.
    Turn one by one on again until I came to the Woocomeerce plugin.
    Turn on that one is causing all of my problems.

    So looking at my Woocommerce plugin, It is up to date: Versie: 3.7.0
    I have some Extensions, Like Woocommerce memberschips.
    Turning them off was not helping. Only by turning the main plugin off the problem seems to be fixed.

    I have googled my ass of finding a solution. I Looked at my php version. That was looking fine. Did my health check. Was all looking fine.

    The only thing I didn’t do yet is a roll back of wordpress to verion 5.2.2. But I’m a bit scared to do that.

    Anybody an idea?
    Reinstalling the plugin? Sounds a bit strange but it is a saver option than rolling back my wordpress version….

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Well I Solved my own problem…..
    While I was typing my story above I Did mention I didn’t reinstalled the plugin it self yet….
    So yeah.. I though what the hack just try it out.
    I deleted the plugin via my FTP and reinstalled like normal and my problems where gone!

    Sorry for the time!!!

    Just an observation, really. I’ve used WP for quite a few years now. I always disable auto-update. In my experience, auto updates have often broken my sites. To the point, where I am very careful before, even with WP’s constant nagging, updating WP. I watch the forums to see what is being messed up. Unfortunate, but there you go.

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