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    Hey Jeff,

    Here is an overview of a new issue.

    With PO on. Activate plugins (base amount = 70), activate one more, active = 71, activate one more, active = 72, deactivate one, active = 64. Re-activate four more, active = 65. Obviously the math fails there.

    Same thing applies when updating active plugin. It may randomly deactivate about 6-8 plugins upon completion of the update.

    If I deactivate PO, and go through the exact same process, I can add one, or three, or ten plugins, then deactivate, update, or whatever, and the expected number of active plugins always is correct, with no unexpected deactivations.

    WP 4.9.1
    PO 9.3.2

    Settings in PO are (when it was active) ON for selective load (front-end), OFF for admin, and OFF for mobile and roles. All the other General settings are ON.

    This happens on a staging site where I test/update prior to going live. On the live site – which has PO 9.2.5 this does NOT seem to be a problem.

    Any ideas?


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  • Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    This may be due to another plugin changing the active_plugins array. That was part of the 9.3 change. I removed the filters after plugins are loaded. But that can still allow a plugin to modify the active_plugins and cause the plugins that have been disabled to deactivate. I am working on a version that removes the filter earlier. Before plugins start to load. But I won’t be able to get it out until next week.

    Same problem here. Narrowed down to this plugin. 3 plugins deactivating consistently every minute, 9 more every 3-5 minutes. Once we deactivated Plugin Organizer, the problem disappeared instantly.

    Thread Starter majecdad


    No worries on the timing, I’m good to use 9.2.5 until you can get to it. I know there were a number of issues you were dealing with all at once with that spam plugin conflict, so stuff happens.

    I’ll look for the update when it hits, and then post an update here after testing.

    Thanks again for a really great plugin.

    same thing happened to me. I had to disable the PO plugin. Please let me know when this issue is fixed.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    I’ve released version 9.3.3. It prevents the recreate_plugin_order function from saving the active_plugins array if there are less plugins in it than when it was called. That will prevent it from deactivating plugins if that is what is causing it. I also added a filter call that removes the active_plugins filters before any code from the active plugins is called to prevent them from getting a bad active_plugins array and saving it. Which could also deactivate plugins inadvertently.

    Thread Starter majecdad


    It looks like this update to 9.3.3 has resolved this issue. I’ve been testing it on a dev site with no problems, and will update the live site this weekend.

    Thanks for your timely reply to the issue.

    Have a great day.

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