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    I included the options for Sensei courses

    Not sure what you mean. Can you go into more detail on the problem you’re having?

    In the options dialogues I enabled the use of Edit Flow on things like pages, Courses, Lessons, Tutorials, etc.

    In the Storyboard and in the Dashboard widget the only information that registers are items in posts and pages.

    For instance I have one Lesson saved as a pitch and one post saved as a pitch. In the Dashboard Widget I only show one pitch.

    That make sense?

    Plugin Author cojennin


    Awesome, think I might have it now.

    If you’re talking about the “Posts at a Glance” widget, at the moment it only supports the post content type. There’s an argument to be had for it to support more post types but it would take a bit to figure out how to best support that functionality (one question: if you click a status link, what page should it take you to?). In the meantime it should be possible to create your own widget to satisfy your requirements. Could start with copying the post_status_widget code and modifying it to fit your requirements.

    If by Storyboard you mean the Story Budget, you would need to have your custom post type support the “category” taxonomy (since the Story Budget organizes posts by “category”) and then you’d need to modify the ef_story_budget_posts_query_args filter to support multiple post types.

    Ah, well yes now that you mention it that might be a bit sticky.

    First thanks very, very much for getting back to me and sharing that option. I will need to see if I can make that work. (In fact it would help my WordPress learning curve to be able to modify your code and get it to work anyway!)

    I can see that figuring out how to support all the “other” types of posts that are possible could be a no-win situation. Having said that i would think for the tool to be successful it will have to somehow address the “non-post” workflows that site managers face. Although I admit there is some self-interest here, maybe consider adding WooCommerce’s Sensei plugin since Automatic seems to float in both your camps? Justa thought…

    What I really like about Edit Flow so far is the Posts at a Glance box on my Dashboard. It’s a great way – especially if I could include the other types of content I am working on – to see what is “due” so to speak.

    For me the Story Budget view is “too expanded” because of the way the posts are broken down by category. It doesn’t help me see the big picture but gets my eye wandering too much and once I have to scroll with the mouse the efficiency benefits are lost at that point. I am not sure that category is the best choice here because I feel that most people using WordPress are going to be focused more on what they have moving through the workflow “system” at any given time.

    So if it were me, I would click on the link for say “Pitches” and would like to see that take me to a page or area where they are broken down by content type first and then by title second. That, to me, would be the incredibly useful and definately would yield some productivity gains.

    I wish I was in a position to do something about it because I really see amazing potential with what you have accomplished so far and what might be possible. I’ll see if I can’t figure out how to follow your advice and then hit you back for what’s next.

    I hope that the tone here is the one I intended and my comments come across as a reasonably sincere desire to be helpful. You have shared your hard work with us at no charge and asking for even more seems greedy somehow. And bitching about it conflicts with the early work the nuns accomplished back at St. Timothy’s Academy.

    Again, thanks.

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