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  • Hi there,

    I’ve searched the plugins directory for WP, but I didnt find anything that would fit my needs and my need is to have that kind of plugin, which can store the informations about what registered users are doing. What are the informations they are reading – not only stat, but real record in the database so that displayed informations on ex. main page, are already filtered, already composed for strictly one user.

    Let’s say, we have Bob, and bob is interrested in reading about servers and new technologies.

    Now, we also have Jerry, who is interrested in getting informations about new talents in music business.

    Those are two extremas. Now where is that functionality I am looking for ?

    This functionality is like I said before: it is like a intelligent filter that will fit need of Bob and Jerry, so that Jerry will get profiled portal about technologies and everything that he is interrested (interrested means: the database stored the information about what he readed when he was here lately) – and he wont need to filter those informations from those in which Bob is interrested.

    I know that there is a issue in this kind of sittuation like “technical endurance” or just the machines – they need to be very strong to gather that amount of informations and refilter all of the informations that are stored in system to push for certain users only those informations that fit their needs. The database will grow in very quick time, the space for database will grow too, and things can slow down – I know, but let’s say – that isnt a problem for me.

    So, does anybody know a plugin for WP which could handle the way of dealing with delivering the informations for users ?

    Any hints, would be appreciated.


    ps. this is almost like related posts – but related posts are working in this way that, the one post is related to another and I dont need this, I need something that will relate an information to specific profile of user – and the profile is ofcourse builded automaticly by the system.

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  • Amazon does that, as does Google Adwords. And to tell you the truth, it’s kind of creepy. I’m a hands-on control freak. I dislike Big Brother following me around, solicitous and helpful tho he may be. If I want something on your site, and you provide me with links or a search box (preferably both), don’t worry, I’ll find it.

    I don’t think what you are looking for is going to be able to be handled with a plugin, but I could be wrong. Maybe someone else will come along and weigh in on that.

    @jonimueller – You’re right, I didnt focus on that aspect of my solution. The truth is – yes, this is like a big brother who is always behind Your back… and where is Your anonymity – there is nothing like that when You are registered user.

    The main problem which I see and I wanted to come across is all of the sales adverts. Today Your surfing over the internet and You are flooded with many adverts which arent focused on You and Your real needs. It’s like shooting to the rabbits, there is many possibilities that You will shot someone and Your income will grow, but there for sure is possibility that You wont shoot those who might wanted to buy something that You offer. And the best part is that You will sell only once something for certain user.

    I want to start a project, let’s say that it will be a internet portal and I dont wont to spam my users with all this crap that they dont need. This in my opionion injures the “how do I feel discovering this internet place”. My establishment for this kind of resolution is to not to be like the BB but to properly push information for those who really need them. The value of having stored the informations about certain users (I dont want to know who including name and surename etc. – Im not interrested in having know how about Mr. Jerry the programmer, I dont want to focus on individuals, I want to focus on concrete group of individuals that share some interest) is only thing I need, and I think this is possible to build.

    You may be right, this is little bit too extended as it can be a “plugin” or something like that, because it’s like a view on information architecture, You can surely build some system starting from that kind of view but plugin it in system which exist – yes, this may be little bit difficult.

    But if anyone else have something to say or share some thoughts – please write.

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