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    Hello since the update i’ve gotten the storefront sticky add to cart slide down, i find it very cool but it has a issue. When someone clicks add to cart, the product seems to come in 2 and not a single. Sometimes it shows only 1, but when they check cart or check it, it has registered 2 instead of only 1.

    Anybody else experiencing this?
    And how do we solve it?
    because it seriously hurts my websites credibility!

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    Hi there @llwebdesign

    Do you have a site we can have a look at, please?

    I tried to replicate this on a few sites and was unable to experience this.

    If you’re unable to share the website link, can you create a screencast or gif showing this in action?

    If you don’t have a tool to do that and you use Chrome, you can use this free extension to create a screen gif:


    I can PM u website if needed, just hook me up with a safe contact way.
    But if u pause at 10 sec, u can see how it updates suddenly from 1 to 2.
    never had this issue with anything else, only adds 2 with the sticky_add…
    regular add to cart works fine, and its the same for all products.

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    Hello anybody here?
    This issue is still not fixed.



    Thanks for the screencast; I can see the behaviour but am no closer an answer, unfortunately.

    Private Messaging of confidential information is against the rules of WordPress’ support forum. Practically this means that if it’s not feasible to share the URL of the store publicly, you’ll need to get in touch with a web developer to investigate that for you further.

    It is really a priority for my website to get this issue fixed.
    Can you have a look a see what is causing this?
    The website name is: Danime.DK

    I had a similar issue after update because I had the update came with sticky add to cart integration and I also had the plugin installed. When I uninstalled the plugin, things got okay. Hope that assists you

    Thanks for your comment, since the devs arent really responsive.
    i just went through my plugin list to see if i had the plugin installed, and i dont.
    i just recently got this “feature” with the update, but it not working on my site.
    I dont really need it, and would appreciate if someone knew how to delete it or fix it.



    Here’s what I think is happening: When looking at the URL for that button, it looks like this:

    This means that when that button is clicked, product ID 1074 will be added to the cart. Now because the page refreshes with the same URL, the product is added a second time (you’ll get another item added to the cart when refreshing again).

    Out of interest, what happens when you toggle the “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives” and “Redirect to the cart page after successful addition” settings as found under **WooCommerce > Settings > Products > General**?

    it redirects to the cart with only 1 copy of the product 😀
    Great it is a way to fix it, but now it just redirects to the cart after every “add to cart”.. Not the biggest problem, i can live with that.
    Thank you very much! @riaanknoetze

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