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  • Hello!

    I just recently found your plugin and I can’t tell you how happy I am. This seems to be really the ever needed cure for woo category pages (for me).

    I just want to make sure I have understood everything as it was meant because it seems that I have a little problem with my breadcrumbs now.

    As already stated – I use your plugin for woocommerce category pages. This allows me to add additional information also below the products grid (among other things). Grid itself is being ‘summoned’ by woocommerce built in shortcode. Your plugin makes it possible for me now to show the products grid in many ways – the shop isn’t very large I guess – some categories just have three or two products so I can adjust how many products per row for certain page are displayed. But some categories have much more products and some products even do actually ideally belong in multiple categories – but without your plugin I couldn’t display them in both, as woocommerce doesn’t really like if I add them in multiple categories. At least this is my understanding and because of this I found your plugin.

    Now for each category I have created a page under (as child pages) the homepage which is also the main shop page for woocommerce.
    I was very proud of myself of course when I found that when creating those pages with exact same slug as category pages are created – I don’t need redirections. I believe other ways woocommerce and wordpress would be a bit confused about this but it seems that your plugin directs them to the right track in this question. I haven’t seen any confusion at least.

    But now I doubt my triumph a bit because I now have double links in breadcrumbs. First at the beginning I have the usual / default Home and after that I have link to the same (home)page but displayed with the actual heading I have given it.
    So please, could you advise me where have I gone wrong or what would be better to do in this case?

    I myself have thought of moving the created pages somewhere else (or renaming the slugs – doesn’t make much difference I guess), exclude them from sitemaps (just in case) and then adding redirects so each page would redirect to the category page?
    In the other hand I keep thinking that there may be is something I have missed?

    hope to hear from you soon!

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    Do you think you can enlighten me a bit on this matter?

    Plugin Author Ronald Huereca


    Hi @krislynde

    Thanks for the post. Just to clarify, you’re using the Storefront theme? Are you using any sort of breadcrumb plugin?


    Ronald Huereca

    Thread Starter Krislynde


    Yes, sorry, didn’t even think to mention those aspects.
    I use Storefront theme and I don’t use any breadcrumbs plugin – just the one that is included. (Not a separate plugin – just as it is by default).

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    Hello again.
    Are there any news?

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    Hi, just checking again if you have any suggestions for me?

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