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  • Plugin Author Shiva Shanker Bhatta


    As I’ve gone through the provided shop achieve, I found the products don’t have pricing area. Since the plugin appends the Total Sales number with the product price, it would not applicable for those kind of shop page setting.

    Ok, Thanks for the reply. I’ve put the price back on the /shop/ page here:

    And while the /product-category/ page for /emoji-shirts/ was using shortcodes to display products, that might be the reason that the total sales were not showing on that archives page.

    So let’s look at another /product-category/ page that is simply default and is not using shortcodes to create the page: When we look at that /product-category/ archive page we see the total sales are still not being displayed on the Storefront Theme.

    Then on a /single-product/ template page, we see the sold number of items not appearing as well:

    Any thoughts as to why? Thanks!

    Plugin Author Shiva Shanker Bhatta


    I have recently checked the plugin with latest WordPress (4.9.4),latest WooCommerce (3.3.3), latest Woo Total Sales (3.1.0) and latest Storefront theme (2.2.8); it is working as expected.
    Would you please paste the shorcodes that you’ve included in your product page/template?
    For your kind information,[awts-total-sales product_id="0" include_setting="true/false"] shortcodes.


    – Main shortcodes


    – Intended valid product id


    – Option to include/exclude default Woo Totals Sales visibility setting. Default is “true”.

    So, this is specific for each of the product. For example if you are trying to fetch the total sales of the product id “98”, the shortcodes should be[awts-total-sales product_id="98" include_setting="true"], in the similar way for product id “50”, [awts-total-sales product_id="98" include_setting="true"] is the respective total sales shortcodes. Meaning, as mentioned above, product id must be specific.

    You can find those in details in plugin features section:

    Plugin Author Shiva Shanker Bhatta


    Or, another scenario might be; missing “%d” in the “Singular total sales text” and “Plural total sales text”. In this case, it should be

    “%d Happy Buyer”


    “%d Happy Buyers”.

    Would you also confirm on that too?

    No shortcodes were being used. And, the main thing I was wanting to see was the total sales on the single-product.php template.

    Settings =

    Adding the %d fixed it 😉

    Plugin Author Shiva Shanker Bhatta


    Okay, glad to hear that. If you have time, rating and review for the plugin is truly appreciated.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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