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  • Just starting with WordPress, though I’ve spent all of my professional career as a Systems Architect- so basically a new user to web content 😉

    We are trying to build a storefront using WordPress. The store is a local points-based startup company (think Green Points), so customers will buy items based on points rather than formal currency.

    I’ve seen a lot of E-Commerce plugins, but I’m not sure those would serve this purpose. I could be missing something. Does this sound like something sensible for WP? Could this be hosted on


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  • Hi there! Did you find anything about this? I’m interested too!

    I’ve looked around for something like this as well, but I do not think there is currently any plugin around with those capabilities, paid or otherwise. The closest plugin I have found is Coin of the Realm. It essentially has the store capabilities set up for a virtual currency, but the plugin would need to be modified regarding what actually adds points and the tracking of points.

    Incrwd is somewhat similar to this as well. CubePoints isn’t all that far off either, but again would take some modifying. I am actually incredibly surprised no one has designed a true virtual currency plugin yet (at least not that I could find).

    I’m currently using CubePoints. I posted in their forum wondering if we can get a feature added. I’m working on a website for a non-profit organization a friend works at. I am using WordPress and it is a great CMS system with useful plugins. They want a rewards system, CubePoints seemed good. But, there are no settings for automatic recurring points. :(. Made a request to see if it could be added.

    We’re also interested in paid plugins, if, affordable to do this functionality.

    I too need such a plugin. I am trying to set up a Code/Script store on my site where people can buy & sell open source scripts/applications, but using points or virtual cash instead of actual money.
    Has anyone found an option yet???

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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