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    Running storefront 2.22 with WC 3.0 and WP 4.75 and several extensions indluisng homepage control and power pack designer. I implemented the hero feature with by adding feature image for home page, but I don’t see any way to add a go shopping button. If this in the customized because I dont see it. Thanks for the help.

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  • Hi Earl,

    The new homepage template in Storefront, puts a large hero image in background. You can add text and or a button to buy, using the text editor in WordPress.

    If you want to make things easier, install for example the


    Thanks for the response. I am familiar with what you cited. However the way it was presented was it would work similar to the parallax and product hero extensions which both have customized options for adding the button and link. Documentation may need some tweaking.

    Hi Earl,

    Oh, i see!
    No actually this is beig said:

    You probably are refering to this demo ( that shows one of the options of a page ):

    They are not using the homepage/featured imdage/hero here. They actually used a video and inserted it into a page ( which is one of many options ):

    But I understand it could be a bit confusing!


    Thanks again for the response I am understood all of that before had. So it still does not really address my question about how the button is implemented with the homepage hero. Thanks for trying tho. Going to ask over at the storefront development blog.

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    Hi Earl,

    Unless I misunderstood your question, I answered it in my first reply?

    From 2.2 onwards, adding a featured image to your homepage will automatically create a β€˜hero’ component. The featured image will be used as a background and your homepage content will be overlaid on top of it..

    You can add text and or a button to buy, using the text editor in WordPress.

    If you want to make things easier, install for example the

    In order to help you please answer the following questions:

    – Can you see your content ( text ) over the hero image?
    – Are you only looking for a way to create a button in that text area?
    – Do you use some text editor or pagebuilder?

    If you are only looking for a way to create a button, this might be a nice free solution:


    @earl_d You might be better off w/ the Storefront Parallax Hero plugin πŸ™‚ The possibilities to customize it become endless and become endless on any page, anywhere πŸ™‚

    But to address your original post and to somewhat rephrase what @logologics is saying:

    When you open your homepage, anything that you put in the content box will show up. Like this:
    storefront homepage hero section Now, if you put “too much” content on your homepage, in the content area, it’ll actually start spilling over and look really wonky.

    I’ll admit (from experience) that it does get a bit confusing when using both the Power Pack and the Homepage control at the same time πŸ˜‰

    I would encourage you to explore the option of completely disabling and removing the Homepage Control Plugin altogether. You can then completely & totally create whatever homepage you’d like that’s 100% all yours using WooCommerce Shortcodes. Docs are located here:

    Plus, if you’ll kill off the Homepage Control Plugin AND snag a copy of the Storefront Parallax Hero plugin, then you can really juice up your homepage.

    The main issue with the New Storefront + Homepage Control option is exactly what you’re going through. It sometimes becomes a bit difficult to simply make the homepage that you actually want. So, perhaps getting rid of the Homepage Control and replacing it with any of the WooCommerce Shortcodes will be both less confusing & empower you with even greater control.

    I don’t usually like the words “Trust Me”, but…… πŸ˜‰

    Thanks I got I figured out myself appreciated the response though.

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