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  1. visualaddictsclothing
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Can anyone PLEASE help me... I've been looking all over the web for the past 2 days.. I've been using WP Online Store for my clients website, but now he says he thinks it looks cheap.. -.- I've tried using WP e-Commerce but it doesn't let my sidebar load properly... and it's very hard to use and I can't get the look I want... He REALLY WANTS a look like on our partner website which is listed here:


    We'd really like a look like that, but the designed for that site isn't being co-operative.. even though the owner is a good friend. Here's our website:


    PLEASE Help quickly! We have a deadline which is the end of this week!

  2. Red Deer Web Design
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've never used WP Online Store, but I have used WP e-commerce on a few sites. It isn't that hard. If the sidebar isn't working, it's probably something in your theme. Double check you have all your tags like wp_footer, header, and.... I think that's all? I know the footer tag gets me all the time.

    Other than that... wp-ecommerce grid view looks just like the one you linked first. Maybe post on commerce support form for the theme/commerce issues.

  3. visualaddictsclothing
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hmm.. well when I try to insert a product it doesn't display correctly a lot of the time, and also sometimes it makes my custom sidebar stop working properly D":

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