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  • knussear


    Digging around for more information – this is a 404 error

    I’m using a theme called IFeature Pro – could this be interfering?

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    Yes, the theme could be interfering or any permalinks related plugins.

    Use and send along your contact info. If you can send me a .zip of the theme I can test on the next build cycle.



    I have the same problem with the twenty twelve theme

    Havent almost any plugin installed.

    btw is it possible to hide the info on the map and put the permalinks store_pages in a different map, my case praktijken

    Did you ever resolve this issue? I just installed the Store Pages plugin and am getting a 404 error on the pages as well.

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    I don’t fix it yet… because I have been completely unable to reproduce the problem. I’m hoping one of the themes helps shed some light. I’m thinking it may be a WordPress setup issue with style of permalinks or other plugins interfering.

    Thus far I’ve gone “deep” into 6 sites now on paid support to find plugins or themes mangling permalinks, URLs, or other unusual things through the myriad of filters WordPress makes available.

    If I can see the issue first hand and have something other than “don’t use this theme, or that plugin is mangling URLs” I’ll post here. If I can build a workaround, I will… or fix a bug for that matter I’ll do that to, but guessing and randomly changing code isn’t a good way to deal with the issue.

    If you have insight into themes, plugins, what your permalink settings are please share. I’m certain with the right combination I can reproduce & address the issue.

    I use the postname permalink option, and haven’t installed any other permalink-related addons (yet). I wonder if one of them will suddenly make it start working… I’ll mess around a little and see, since the site I;m working on is in an early test environment.

    If you want to take a look at the theme to see if you notice a common thread with the others you’ve investigates, I can send it over. It is this one:

    I was never able to resolve the problem.

    And now the big mystery, the problem is gone solved. Maybe after the first update few days ago, not the one of 25. But i guess it has to do something with a other plugin.

    I’m wondering if WooCommerce has anything to do with it…

    I know there are some permalink settings within that plugin, and I have it installed, but not working yet, on the site where my store pages won’t display. Can anyone else with this issue reply and mention whether they have woocommerce (or any other ecommerce plugin) active?

    Lance, have other sites you’ve worked with on this problem had any similar plugins active?

    So….after my last post, I went into WooCommerce, remembering that I had unchecked an option in Woocommerce > Settings > Pages to ‘Prepend shop categories/tags with shop base page’. That tag obviously affects permalinks in some way. I un-checked it, and lo and behold, my Store Page now display just fine!

    Not sure if that will be helpful to anyone else, but it fixed the issue for me, so go and check you other plugins for permalink-altering options.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Interesting… wonder why it impacts custom page types that are NOT shop pages. I’ll have to put my copy of Woocommerce on the dev box and play with that to see if I can prevent it from mangling the page routing.

    I think i figured it out, it has to do with permalink structure
    On my page it has to be in this format, otherwise i get problems

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