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  • Actually it’s worse. It randomly backs up to wpb2d or the subfolder.
    The subfolder isn’t shown in the plugin page.

    The plug-in page doesn’t show the available subfolders. You have to type in the folder you want.

    This is what I did.
    Backup without folder. Stopped it immediately.
    Enter and type folder. Restart.
    It was backing up to no folder. The text field was also empty. Tried to save it again. Still empty. Fine.
    Next day finished. Didn’t touch it.
    Day after foundS backup in my sub folder. Text fields still empty.
    Day after it was using no folder again.

    Only thing I may suggest I have changed my wp content folder, if that makes a difference.

    What happens if I rename the wpb2d folder itself? Will that work? Then when I start another site let it make a new wpb2d folder and then rename that too.

    How does it know what is old/new files?

    I have wpb2d\images and wpb2d\sub\images now on DB. Both have some files. I don’t know if either of them are complete backups of the server.

    If I merge them, will it work or will it be confused and die?

    Plugin Author Michael De Wildt



    At the moment the plugin does not support custom WP_CONFIG_DIR settings. This could be what is causing your issues.

    I plan on supporting it soon. Please monitor the release notes for the update.


    I end up not using subfolder. I think this will work for now, as long as I only have 1 host site.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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