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    I am working on a client site (built by someone else), that uses your WP e-Commerce plugin. We are having a problem where the Store Admin Email address does not receive an Email when an order is placed. The customer receives their Email so we know at least one Email is being sent. We have tried different addresses for the Admin Email and none ever get an Email when there is a purchase.

    The site is Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

    We are running of your plugin. We tried upgrading to of your product, but this caused another problem on the site. I prefer to chase one problem at a time.

    Thanks, Gary

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  • Gary,

    chances are you need to update your payment gateway as described here
    by me (‘doml’ on that forum).

    Hello Whitelamp,

    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the creator of the plug-in is not being very cooperative. The original builder of this site bought the plug-in from Code Canyon, so since I didn’t buy it I don’t have much pull.

    Also, it turns out the customer Email from WP e-Commerce is not being sent, either. The Email the customer receives is just the one from

    I am considering buying the Gold Cart Plugin for this site and forgetting about the existing plug-in, if that will solve the issues. Can you or someone else guarantee that the Emails will work properly if I use the Gold Cart Plugin?

    I really need to get this resolved.

    Thanks, Gary

    You’d best contact the plugin creators directly. My copy of the gold cart is over a year old so I don’t know what the gateway does currently.

    That seems easier said than done. Didn’t the creators (GetShopped) of WPEC also create the Gold Cart Plugin? According to their website this forum is now their official free support forum. You can’t get premium support til you buy something and I don’t want to buy something until I know it will work. There doesn’t even seem to be an Email address or a form on their site where I could ask a question. Very, very frustrating.


    This may not apply here, but it may help someone having an email problem.

    I am currently running WP e-commerce version I had also installed a plug-in to send HTML emails (HTML Email Templates version 1.0 by I noticed after I activated the plug-in, the customer would get all their transactional emails in html form but I would not get the usual transaction report email letting me know a sale was made. The “sent from” name also reverted back to a host email rather than my domain email.

    Once the HTML email plug-in was de-activated, all the transactional emails started being sent again and the “sent from” name corrected itself.

    I have the same problem but I don’t have an html email plugin running. Hmm, hope I can get some suggestions. Thanks!

    Hello again,

    Thanks for the responses. Let me ask a couple of questions:

    What Payment Gateway are you using?
    What plug-in (if any) are you using for the Gateway?

    Let me tell you what I have done. I wanted to make sure that if everything was working properly, then the server hosting my client’s site would actually send out an Email. WPEC uses the sp_mail function to send Emails. I found the following page: Follow the instructions in the article to test wp_mail on your site. I tested and wp_mail is working on my client’s site.

    This proved that wp_mail is working and the server is sending the Email. Now I know either WPEC is not working properly or the 3rd party plug-in is not sending the correct information back to WPEC upon a successful credit card charge.

    I have decided to replace the 3rd party plug-in with the GetShopped Gold Cart Plugin. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue on my client’s site. Wish me luck.

    Thanks, Gary

    Gary, Wondering if you got admin emails to work. I have the latest WP Ecommerce and Gold cart. The system is sending emails fine to the customer, but no emails are going to Admins from WP Ecommerce.


    Actually, you are ahead of me. I have been tied up and haven’t tried Gold Cart yet. Didn’t you get premium support when you bought Gold Cart? Have you submitted a Premium Support request to GetShopped for the issue? If so, I would be curious as to what they said.

    Thanks, Gary

    Has this issue been resolved ? I´m having the same problems, on emails sent to the admin when an order is placed.



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    @gretarmagg: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. This 3 month old topic references a pretty old version of WordPress.

    Well, the main issue here is with WP e-commerce and I was just asking if this has been resolved. Last reply to this post was 2 months ago.



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    Please post your own topic.

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