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    I have a multisite with various sites working as different blogs.
    I just noticed that the storage space for every site is only 10 MB and publishing posts every day, with pictures, that´s not very much.
    I have one of my bloggers, who used too big images but anyway, that already with only 33 posts used 94% of her storage space.

    1) What can be done?
    2) I guess you need to store all images that are used in posts (???) cause by deleting them from storage i assume they disappear from posts as well…??

    Thankful for advice / help / answer.

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  • The default “site upload space” value, if you want one, is set under Network Settings, in the section labelled Upload Settings.

    That’s where your 10MB limit will be specified. You can also edit the settings for any individual blog by editing the site settings “blog upload space” value. They don’t have to all be set to the same value.

    I disabled the value but i still can´t understand how the blogger could have “used” 9,28 MB on only 33 posts and 42 photos. I went through all photos looking at the size, and even though they all together were about 40 000 bytes (!) that dosent make 9 MB. What is that big? She did import her old blog to our yesterday, but that file were only 400 KB. Do you have any idea about why the used storage could be that much?

    Also, I wonder, what is the total limit for the whole site..?


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    The size limit is for what’s in blogs.dir/<siteID>/ only. Look in that whole folder.

    Wow! Just did a Google search looking for an answer to this same question, and found the answer was posted just 1 hour ago. That’s very cool. Thanks.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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