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    Can someone give me a general idea of how many MB/GB I would want for storage and bandwidth assuming 2000 page views per day? The blog would have minimum amount of small pictures (assume 5 a week, so maybe 10 on the front page?)

    I’d like to do it as cheaply as possible as I’m not sure my idea is worth my time (ie can get enough advertisements). My two choices (for cheapness) are:
    The later has a pricing system where you pay for actual storage/bandwith, but since I have no idea what I would be using, I’m having trouble comparing the two.


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  • By my math, that would be just under a gig of bandwidth. Would depend on the size of those images also.

    In case anyone finds this thread via search, I just found this website:

    It tests the speed of the loading of your website, but it also tells you the size of the page. So, just type in a wordpress blog that’s similar to the one you’re setting up and multiply the size by the page views.

    BTW, 2000 views of my current blog’s front page (6 pics including banner) results in 84,000 KB a day so more like just over 2 GB a month if my math is right.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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