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  • Dear John,

    that word for general widget funcions but I try to access the logic function of the widgets so I can display them limited to certain pages.

    Any Idea how to do that?


    I’d use a good theme that gives you a lot or control over widgets, like Atahualpa.

    yeah, good idea. I am already with a nice theme which is already adapted. will break my head to change that now :). would love to see the plugin work again.

    What you guys think about this one
    Maybe an alternative?

    @andaluzo, I think a better solution would be to use this plugin.

    I am currently using it on a few websites and it works well plus it’s being updated constantly.

    Widget Logic Visual is not going to be updated from what I see. It will only work if someone wishes to continue updating this plugin. For now I am using the plugin I mentioned here as an alternative.

    I hope this helps….

    @mbr solution, thanks for the hint.

    Today I deleted this “Widget Logic Visual” plugin one, not worth the pain waiting.

    Was having problems with my WP site, deleted Widget Logic Visual, my site began working properly, installed Dynamic Widgets and the site still works.

    does not work me for either. So I am wating to upgrade the live site, or find some other solution.

    Widgets froze until I de-activated this plugin. Hopefully they are working on a fix, as it is a valuable plugin.


    In js/jquery.nyromodal.js change $.curCSS to $.css (find replace, one instance).

    $.curCSS doesn’t exist anymore in jQuery 1.8.x (see:


    Add following code on line number 58 (in widget_logic_visual_admin_enqueue_script() function)

    ` wp_register_script(‘jquery.1.7′ ,plugin_dir_url(__FILE__).’js/jquery-1.7.1.min.js’);


    And it works fine for.

    neither work for me the $.curCSS fix does nothing.

    the jquery 1.7 allows widgets to open up but not editing limitations.

    thanks for the help and more help appreciated.

    This fix works for me. I found it in the Support forum for the Widget Logic plugin, which Widget Logic Visual is built upon.

    WP3.5 uses jQuery 1.8… and in this version of jQuery it seems that %i% throws an error.

    To fix this open widget_logic.php go to line 132
    and change
    if ($number==-1) {$number=”%i%”; $value=””;}
    for this
    if ($number==-1) {$number=”XXX”; $value=””;}

    …. And finally open

    and search and replace this:
    for this:

    Originally posted here.

    sdaveCL’s fix seems to work for me too.

    sdaveCL – you are my HERO!!!
    Thank you so much!

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 52 total)
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