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Stopping users from changing password

  • I’m trying to create a simple WordPress site that has pages visible only if you’re logged in. What they have is a football team and want their players to have access to pages that contain info only for them, while the rest of the page is for the public. They only want one user set up so they can give the login info to everyone on the team and do not have to set up user accounts for each player. I was able to do what they wanted by setting one account as a subscriber and only have the pages in question viewable by that level of user. The issue is anyone can change the password. How can I set the account so only admin accounts can change a user password?
    Or can I just remove those fields from the user profile template while leaving it in the profile template for admins? Lastly how can I change what page is viewed when a subscriber logs in? By default they are directed to their profile page. I want them directed to a static page of my chosing.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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