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    I’m seriously hacked off.

    It took me ages to set up this plugin, test it and get it working.

    I’ve just been contacted by a really unhappy client advising that shipping isn’t working on his website. I logged in to find that the shipping plugin is now called “WooReer”, all the API codes that I had added have vanished, and that it doesn’t support two shipping methods any more (that now requires an upgrade to the Pro version).

    What is more infuriating is that it is impossible to upgrade to the Pro version!

    Genius – break your own shipping plugin, force people to upgrade but don’t give them the means too! Who thought that process through?


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I think it is clearly there is a BIG NOTICE that the version 2.0 is major update and has breaking changes. And I also put a BIG NOTICE that re-setup the plugin is required after the update. The API Key is need to be updated is not missing, you can always copy and paste it from the Google API Console.

    Yeah for now the Pro Version is still in development, it is close to finish.

    You can re-enable multiple instances within the same shipping zone temporarily by editing the file “includes/class-wcsdm.php” adding comment for code start from lines 1552 until 1556.

    //if ( ! $this->is_pro() ) {
    //    $zone = WC_Shipping_Zones::get_zone_by( 'instance_id', $this->instance_id );
    //    if ( $zone ) {
    //        $duplicate = array();
    //        foreach ( $zone->get_shipping_methods() as $shipping_method ) {
    //            if ( $shipping_method->id === $this->id ) {
    //               $duplicate[] = $shipping_method->get_instance_id();
    //            }
    //        }
    //        if ( count( $duplicate ) > 1 ) {
    //            return $this->add_error( __( 'Multiple instances shipping method WooCommerce Shipping Distance Matrix within the same zone only available in Pro Version. Please upgrade.', 'wcsdm' ) );
    //        }
    //    }
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    BIG NOTICES aren’t picked up by administrators who have software that auto updates plugins. I have never experienced anything like this with another plugin.

    Also, why does the plugin prompt people to upgrade to a Pro version when the Pro version isn’t ready?! It makes no sense.

    I’ve worked through the whole process of setting this up again and it still doesn’t work!

    It is driving me nuts – it’s gone from the perfect plugin to being useless.

    Plugin Author Sofyan Sitorus


    Well at least now you get a lesson that auto updates does not always make you has less works 🙂

    Absolutely there is no push you to upgrade to Pro Version. You can alway use it normally like the previous version. Even you are free not use it at all.

    Not really sure how only you that have been going nuts by this update, almost 20%, users did the same, none of them being nuts. They are cool and chill.


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    Wow, what a truly flippant, unhelpful and unsupportive response.
    I host nearly 30 WordPress websites that each have between 15-30 plugins, but you expect me not to set plugins to auto update?
    You release a new version of your plugin that deletes all previous data, guaranteeing that it fails to work.
    I have clients running shops that now suddenly don’t have a working shipping option.
    Having wasted my time completely reconfiguring the new version of your plugin it now doesn’t work at all.
    Add to that the fact that the new version of the plugin states that certain features are only available with an upgrade to a Pro version, and you haven’t even released the Pro version!
    I’ve hosted WordPress sites for over two decades and I have never experiences such incompetence.
    I only hope that people read your responses before using this plugin.

    Plugin Author Sofyan Sitorus


    Yeah, I can see clearly you are a two decades users of WordPress, it can be proofed by seeing you are member since August 17th, 1917, whoops sorry I mean member since August 17th, 2017. Which mean not even two years. And I don’t know which WordPress you are using before 2003. WordPress version -5 (minus five)?

    Anyway, Thank you very much for 1 star rating, 1 star is more than enough for me. I really appreciate it.

    Are we cool now?


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    Okay, so because I only registered my account with WordPress in 2017 I’ve therefore only been using WordPress since 2017? You really think that?

    Content managed platforms with plugins have been around for decades – in that time (with other systems and WordPress) I have never had a plugin delete its own vital settings, stop working, then prompt an upgrade to a Pro version when the Pro version isn’t even finished.

    This is your plugin and your reputation – I’m cool, I’ll use another plugin or my own manual setup – but if you genuinely think that you handled this upgrade (and the recommendation to upgrade to a Pro version at a time when that is impossible) then I seriously recommend that you think again.

    Had you handled the upgrade in a more professional manner (and at least finished the Pro version BEFORE releasing the upgrade) I would have continued to use plugin.

    I have no interest in hearing back from you or turning this into an endless debate, I just hope you might learn something from this – maybe not assuming that everyone is able to manually update every single plugin on every single site they host, that deleting vital details during an update might not be such a good idea, that prompting an upgrade to a Pro version that doesn’t even exist is far from helpful etc.

    Plugin Author Sofyan Sitorus


    Well, I absolutely aware that deleting vital details during an update might not be such a good idea, that’s way I put big notice there to peoples to read before they do upgrade. Do you think WordPress update notice is useless? If so, let’s make a petition to WordPress to remove that features.

    It is your choices and decisions to use Auto Update, and it is my choices and decisions to make the major update that has breaking changes because I think I must do it. I’ll take whatever the risks for my choices and decisions and you take the risks for your own choices and decisions. How about that?

    And about the Pro version, why it is bothering you? I don’t even take your 1 penny yet. And I also provide you the temporary solutions for multiple instances within the same shipping zone. Beside that, it still able to run normally without need to upgrade to Pro Version.

    If you are come here want to get help and solutions, you are always welcome and please behave and ask it politely. If you are just want to throw your nuts, you came to the wrong place.

    I think you guys could have handled it differently. I can understand it from both sides.

    I also had issues with the update, its only a single site. The plugin performs as I need, it costs zero. I don’t think I will need any of the features listed in Pro Version. Overall very happy with the plugin, even with the 4 updates over last 2 days 🙂

    Plugin Author Sofyan Sitorus



    Thank you for clarifying this plugins is work and the update make you happy without forcing you to spent even single penny.


    Wow, such a bad way to handle the situation. I too, build sites for clients. After the site is built, I no longer manage the site. Yes, I would have been furious too.

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