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    After updating the WordPress Duo security plugin to the latest version, it stopped working on my multisite installations.

    I had the plugin network activated which worked fine with an older version of the plugin.

    When network activated the plugin doesn’t show up in the plugin sections of the network sites. It did with the older version

    When I network deactivate it, it does show up, but when I chose settings, I get “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” Mind you I am both the network administrator and the administrator of all the network sites.

    I checked this on two network installations, they both worked with an older version of the plugin. Now Duo authentication just stopped working. It’s now just the plain WP login procedure.

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  • I’m having the exact same problem as Bart. No errors – it just never takes me to the second screen during the login process, and acts as if the plugin isn’t installed at all.

    The same problem — WP 3.5.1 multisite.

    Hi Romanmm – when you go into the Duo Security settings, where you put your API key in, make sure there’s something selected for the roles associated down towards the bottom of the page. There was a bug in the code that didn’t set a sane default, and breaks if you don’t set it manually. This is what fixed it for me, anyway.

    I have the same problem as Bart — I can’t even enter to Settings, I get “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Which page are you trying to access? ?

    On Multisite plugins page I have no Settings button at all when I activate the plugin so I need to activate it per site.

    No, you won’t find the global settings in a settings button – it’s down at the bottom of the page on the general settings page. Try the link I posted (with your domain) and scroll all the way down – see if you see a section for DS on that page.

    (Also, if you haven’t yet, try completely deleting and then reinstalling the plugin from scratch)

    Thanks, snipeyhead, you’re right. After settings page setup Duo started to work but only on main site. It works flawlessly but only on main site.
    Do you any idea what to do else?


    Thanks after reading your tip three times, I got it 🙂 It now works again for my two Multi site installs, both the Main site and sub sites.

    In this new situation I only have to add a multi site installation once. In the past I needed to add all sub sites one by one. This is a great step forward.

    I think it’s not a great choice to put the DS settings on the general settings page. It would be much better to put them on a separate settings page like most plugins do. Also fixing the Duo Security “settings” link on the plugin page in the process would be great.

    For the rest I really love Duo Security, it got even better, with the added features, like bypassing two factor authentication for given IP’s

    Hi everyone,

    Duo support team checked my issue, I’ve also checked it on my new WP3.5.1 multi-site installation and all works flawlessly. I think on my old WP site there is a plugin that doesn’t allow to plugin to work on all sites.
    So now I use Duo plugin for all my WP installations — it works.


    Hi guys – sorry I’m late in responding.

    @bart – I agree that’s a very confusing place to put those settings. It took me forever to find those settings there. I hope the break it out into its own tab again soon. I don’t work for them, but I’ve been in touch with their support folks, and I’ll mention it to them.

    @romanmm – glad to hear it’s working again!

    Plugin Author Duo Security


    Glad to hear it sounds like everyone was able to find where the settings had been moved to in the latest version, so they could be configured globally for the WordPress MultiSite system instead of having separate integrations for each blog in the network.

    I will make sure your feedback gets back to our user experience team, though, as I understand this change was really confusing to some customers.


    It’s much better to have in network setting. Network security is much easier to manage this way.

    A separate settings will be highly appreciated 🙂

    Great to experience how DuoSecurity is evolving. Wouldn’t want to swap it for any other solution 🙂

    — Bart

    For anyone else trying to figure this out, try this link:

    WP 3.6.1

    Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page, and you’ll see the Duo Mobile settings.

    This is the ‘Network Settings’ page in your network admin “Settings” Menu

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