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    Sound like an incompatibility between plugins.

    Visit a few times of “http://{your site}/index.php?math_quiz_ajax=get_problem” to see if the math problem kept changing or not.

    Nope, Stuck on same problem. Is your plugin compatible with caching? (I use WP Rocket) and I have used your plugin for about 1 year without any problems.

    Plugin Author atitan


    Maybe WP Rocket made some changes recently that affects this plugin, try to exclude the path from caching.

    This plugin is designed to work with html cache by inserting problem from ajax endpoint that will usually be ignored.

    This path right? /index.php?math_quiz_ajax=get_problem

    maybe the login path /wp-admin/ or whatever

    Plugin Author atitan


    Try “/index.php?math_quiz_ajax=get_problem”, that’s where it stuck.

    If it still not work, I would suggest asking WP Rocket for support because I’m not familiar with it.

    I contacted WP Rocket they said it isn’t WP Rocket

    I followed their instructions tested etc. Still have problem (is your plugin compatible with OpCache?)

    That URL appears to be for an AJAX request, which WP Rocket doesn’t actually cache.

    And even if it’s not actually an AJAX request, the presence of a question mark makes it a query string URL, and those aren’t cached by WP Rocket either — unless you specifically tell it to do so.

    Thirdly, WP Rocket doesn’t cache the default WordPress login page either. 🙂

    So with these “three strikes out on WP Rocket’s caching”, I don’t think that needing this file to be excluded is actually related to whatever problem you’re having with this Math Quiz plugin.

    But for the ultimate confirmation, you should test to see what happens when you deactivate WP Rocket temporarily — if the problem doesn’t resolve even then, that means WP Rocket is not causing it to occur in the first place.

    Plugin Author atitan


    The plugin is compatible with opcache. I’m running my site using php 7.0 with opcache enabled.

    How about disabling other plugin one by a time to see which one is causing the problem?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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