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    I’ve noticed that WC-AC has stopped working across all my wordpress sites. I enabled logging as suggested in other threads but I cant see any recent logs for WC-AC.

    Add/Update Contact when processing is selected
    Track Order Status not selected
    Signup to Marketing set to NO
    Marketing form ID empty.

    Can you please help as your plugin is essential to my flow.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author mtreherne


    Hi there, sorry to hear that. Let’s take a look and see what is going on. I’ve a couple of questions and a test for you to run.

    Do you have a testing/staging version of you site? This will help us debug, if the solution can’t easily be found.

    Do you use WP multi-site?

    A simple test that we can do is a manual order status change from the admin screen. If you have a testing/staging environment then obviously use this. Otherwise you can manually create an order (and later delete to tidy up) on you live environment. To trigger the wc-ac-hook API you need to have an order with any status other than processing (e.g. pending) and then manually change the status to processing. Once you have done this take a look at the wc-ac-hook log and hopefully you will see an entry (and the contact created on ActiveCampaign).



    I am also having a problem with my website, none of the tags that I have set up on my products pages in Word Press are being sent through to Active Campaign.

    Without these tags being added, none of my automations are being triggered which are essential to signing up clients so just wondering if there is a fix?

    I have updated to the latest version of Woo Commerce and Word Press and all of my plugins are up to date.

    This used to work so smoothly and is really frustrating that it’s not working.

    Is there something I can to do sort this out quickly?


    Plugin Author mtreherne


    Karen – please can you also get back to me with the answers to a couple of questions before we do a similar test.

    What wc-ac-hook settings do you have for ‘Add/Update Contact’ and ‘Track Order Status’ i.e. are they default or checked?

    Please can you enable debug logging (if you have not already). If it is enabled please can you check the debug log for errors and let me know the date of the last successful record.

    We will then do a similar test as described above (manually updating an order status), but I need to know your settings first so that we do the right test.


    HI Matthew,

    In regards to the wc-ac hook setting:

    Add/Update Contact: When order status is processing (rather than completed) (box is ticked

    Track Order Status: Track Order Status Add WooCommerce order status to tags (box is not ticked)

    The debug logging box is ticked here is the last few error messages that have come through:

    05-25-2017 @ 18:39:45 – Order ID = 3108 (Status = pending).
    05-25-2017 @ 18:41:37 – Order ID = 3108 (Status = completed). Error: List ID is not numeric =
    05-25-2017 @ 20:00:05 – Order ID = 3110 (Status = completed). Error: List ID is not numeric =
    05-25-2017 @ 21:10:03 – Order ID = 3114 (Status = pending).
    05-25-2017 @ 21:25:34 – Order ID = 3115 (Status = completed). Error: List ID is not numeric =
    05-26-2017 @ 14:53:57 – Order ID = 3117 (Status = completed). Error: List ID is not numeric =

    Please let me know if you need any more information to sort out this issue.

    Kind regards

    Plugin Author mtreherne


    Hi Karen,

    Well I suspect there are two things to do. Firstly check the (ActiveCampaign) List ID in the wc-ac-hook settings. It looks like it is currently blank. See the (How do I find the ActiveCampaign list ID) if you need to find the right list ID.

    Secondly uncheck the ‘Add/Update Contact’ option so that contacts are added when orders are completed.

    Let’s see how that goes.

    Do you have a testing/staging version of you site? No but I can clone it if necessary

    Do you use WP multi-site? No

    I unchecked the ‘Add/Update Contact’ option, created an order with Pending Payment, I then changed the status to Completed. No Log was created

    I have enable log checked.

    Oh wait, hold on.

    Tried again, this time I created the order as Processing, then changed to completed.

    This time it worked!

    I think unchecking the ‘Add/Update Contact’ option is probably the solution

    Plugin Author mtreherne


    Keep me posted, but I think that un-checking the ‘Add/Update Contact’ option is the solution for both you (and Karen).

    Actually, Might it have something to do with the fact that I have the autocomplete digital orders plugin running, so maybe it’s bypassing the required stages?

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    Plugin Author mtreherne


    Quite likely. If you have an order flow that skips the processing stage for whatever reason then you will have problems with the ‘Add/Update Contact’ at processing option set. The default (unchecked) of at complete is the safer option with your setup.

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