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    Looks like the plugin stopped working when updating WordPress to 5.6. It is an amazing and simple plugin that does what I need it to do. It is not possible to update the plugin to work with 5.6?

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  • We’re using it with the latest versions of WordPress still today.

    Are you getting an error? Are scheduled updates not being applied? What exactly isn’t working here?

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    We scheduled the blogpost but nothing happened on the time of the scheduled update. Maybe it is because we updated to PHP 8?

    I’d recommend enabling WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG (probably then disabling WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY) in the site’s wp-config.php file. From there, you can set a scheduled update and then have that occur. You can then check the debug.log file to see if there were any fatal or other errors regarding TAO Scheduled Update. I’d think that anything regarding a PHP version compliance issue would surface in the PHP debug output. Otherwise, it’d probably be an issue elsewhere. Then disabling WP_DEBUG at that point, of course.

    It is possible that your site missed a scheduled cron task. I’ve had sites where WordPress’ built-in scheduling of posts had it where the schedule was missed & it just never published (no external plugins or anything involved) due to the nature of the site and its hosting. My resolution for that was to use (and optionally for additional control & visibility into the cron jobs) where I have the server set to run its own dedicated cron job that then triggers WordPress’ cron every minute instead of relying on the PHP cron implementation that relies on website visits or some other website activity to trigger the cron job within WordPress (a low traffic site where no activity has literally caused the website to do anything for a while could miss a scheduled action while this has the server force an action to execute if/when needed at a regular interval.) Just putting it out there that the issue might be unrelated to this plugin & this could be something to consider (I’d still check the PHP debug output to see if there really is a PHP version compatibility issue first since that really is a more definitive thing to check out with this then being the next thing to consider, possibly.)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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