• I need your help. I use your plugin on my sites and it stopped working. Not sure if this is due to the outsourced font-fetching, or what. I tried to use it today, on all sites, and it stopped on all of them.

    I love this plugin and really want to get it to work again. My issue directly involves the right side pop-out for the fonts list. It pops out, but NO fonts load. When I try to upload my own it just sits there.

    Uninstalled, reinstalled, deactivated, reactivated and even created a NEW and EMPTY WP dummy site with just your plugin. All results were the same. No fonts loaded in the pop-out. I couldn’t upload my own either. I also used this on WP 3.3.1 and 3.4.2, all the same.

    Alex Shaw, Photographer


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