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  • I was a user of this plugin for a long time, even added paid licenses for 5 sites. Recently I started seeing scans fail specifically on WooCommerce sites. Out of memory issues, and the same error as another per

    “Scan Failed
    The scan has failed to start. This is often because the site either cannot make outbound requests or is blocked from connecting to itself.”

    Which honestly makes no sense because it would start and get to the file content steps in ALL cases then run out of memory or post that couldn’t start message well into the file content scanning. I disabled just the core woocommerce plugin and it worked fine I also noticed disconnecting from the central dashboard in a few cases allowed it to finish with a free license, but still ran the system memory way up. No matter what your PHP memory settings I tried 256 up to 1024 and it still consumed it all on a dedicated VPS, one website. The servers are low use private stores single app per dedicated system 1GB ram and this plugin simply would not run right.

    I spent 3 days back and forth with support and got mostly “it’s not us, a lot of customers use us with WooComerce”. They never once asked for an SSH login, a WordPress admin login or even a clone of the server to investigate. Answer was simply “add more memory”…okay I even did that 2GB from 1GB same single app private store, 100% memory exhaustion or the could not start message no matter what the PHP settings.

    At the end of the day this may be one of the “biggest” solutions for scanning, but clearly they have gotten too big for themselves. I am now looking at other options like CloudFlare WAF, MalCare, and others that will at least meet the ability to scan for issues. Just because there is 3000+ positive reviews read the recent ones. Like I said years ago this plugin worked great.

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    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Let me be clear about something you glossed over here.

    The error you received was an Out of Memory error. This is not the same thing as as an error that says Allowed memory size of (X) bytes exhausted.

    Allowed memory size of (X) bytes exhausted means that the memory you have specified in php.ini or .user.ini wasn’t enough to run all the plugins, your theme, WordPress, etc. It’s usually set to a lower value like 128M, etc.

    Out of Memory means that the server memory ran out or was unable to create any more virtual memory.

    This is an error that requires server configuration, which is something we (or any other plugin author) do. It is outside the scope of plugin support. For comparison’s sake you are welcome to reach out to other security providers and ask if $99 would cover them configuring your server for you. In your case, MattR replied to you in your support ticket with a very detailed explanation of why this error could be happening. Your server is running out of memory. End of story. With 60 plugins on the site I am surprised this hasn’t come up before.

    Further, in the 3 million sites we protect, many using Woocommerce, we haven’t had this reported and I am pretty sure that if it was a widespread issue between the plugins we’d have heard many more reports of this. The fact is that we haven’t. This also indicates it is something particular to your setup.

    As to why you were refunded and your account was closed, we made this decision because you asked for a refund, you said you were switching security providers, and you violated our TOS by using abusive language. You were fully refunded and the account was closed as a result.

    Hopefully, you will find a security solution that works better for you.


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