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  • Hi Yoast,

    first things first: great plugin, love it!

    I am, however, a little puzzled about the whole stop word thing. My questions are:

    1. According to stop words should be eliminated automatically from permalinks on saving/publishing. That does not seem to happen on my install. Any reason why?

    2. Where are stop words in other languages stored? I managed to find out that the .po files are on your translation site, but how do these translations come to my install? On my install I only see the .mo files. I am a bit puzzled here.

    3. Having WP in Italian, I am of course interested in having most Italian stop words in some sort of list. In the actual Italian .po file there are only a handful of those words, e.g. even il or la (the Italian equivalent to the) are missing! I’m most happy to register on and add a bunch of stop words in Italian to the actual .po file, but again my question: how do they then get to my install?

    Thanks for sharing some insights.

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