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  • I’ve been trying to create a set of htaccess rules for the last days, that redirect something like to so wordpress redirections kick-in and the final page is displayed as /post-name or at leasat with that url in the canonical link.

    After several attempts, I realized NOTHING was working, and with all plugins de-activated, WordPress redirects all traffic to /?p=287 to /287, so I have duplicate content issues. Pages like /blog/287 and /287/287 are also redirected to /287.

    No plugin that I’ve found deals with urls like /287.

    Until I fix it with custom code:
    HOW DO I STOP WORDPRESS GUESSING URLS? e.g. ending with /287

    I de-activated all the plugins, cleared my computer’s DNS cache, double checked the htaccess is default… nothing stops it.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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