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  • While updating pages (using wordpress as a CMS) it often seems to add <p> or ending paragraph tags, either arbitrarily, or I suspect when it notices a “return” or pressing enter on the keyboard. Seems kind of odd especially since I’m editing in html where it shouldn’t matter.

    It also seems to simply get rid of <br /> when opening the page editor and it goes to visual, or switching back and forth in the tabs.

    Help? Is there any way to stop this? It’s quite difficult when it keeps messing with my page structure and validating.

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  • It also seems to be removing paragraph tags that I define within the html tab.

    Kinda having the same or similar challenge. I pretty sure <br /> doesn’t work in wordpress postings, regardless of where you put them. As far as spacing is concerned, had and still might have a problem with getting a fully line break in between paragraphs.

    I just tried using “shift-enter” to create the space I needed and I think that might of helped.

    Never mind about the shift-enter thing. Thought it was working but apparently not.

    You can add a line spacing for your paragraphs in your CSS, that might accomplish what you need, but it’s still annoying that <br /> just simply breaks

    Does no one else have this problem? Or is it simply a part of wordpress and I have to live with the weirdness?

    I did some searching around, and it appears that this has been an ongoing problem or (challenge) with wordpress. We are not the only ones 🙂

    There was a plugin I think called Text Control (?) that claimed to fix it or allow you to work with it or something. I didn’t look to much into it since it was 4000 lines of code, was worried it would slow down my site.

    Yeah I see that plugin aswell, but it looks really old and apparently stopped working even in older versions.

    It’s obvious this is a problem. Can anyone help?

    I’m having this same issue, it is adding p tags around everything and/or adding an ending p tag when it sees a opening div as well. Really bothersome.
    Did anyone find a fix?

    i’m actually using TinyMCE Buttons Advanced plugin to solve this problem…

    p tags inserted are driving me nuts as i want to enter html for my page posts.

    ebola – not sure how an mce plugin will help because i thought it was wordpress putting in the tags – can you explain further? thanks

    this seems to fix it!

    Disable wpautop Plugin

    That plugin did not fix it for me….

    Also, TinyMCE Buttons only solves wordpress from stripping the page of br and p tags not from adding them….


    The plugin that bitkahuna recommended worked for me but I needed to un-check “Stop removing the <p> and
    tags” in TinyMCE.

    Give that a try:)

    The TinyMCE plugin worked for me as well. Ensure you have checked the box at the bottom of the admin page for the plugin as specified by fishingfool and ebola.

    Thanks folks!

    I’ve been using TinyMCE-Advanced for a couple years, and it’s always avoided WordPress’ problems with editing HTML. In WP 2.9, however, the WordPress visual editor seems to be hosing everything. How can I blog about code when the blog eats the code??

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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