• So Sick of every time to get the message to give 5 stars.

    If I close that window then don’t open it again at the same screen after saving or refresh.

    Didn’t have the time to really test the plug, just because of your begging for 5 stars you get 1 star!!!!

    Waiting for fast update to not see this message over and over!
    No update, this review will stay.

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    Hi @mcjohnlj ,

    We are sorry that despite the time (a year) we spent at making this plugin for the WordPress community, you give us such a so bad review for a … notification (which is not even related to plugin features)..

    It’s probably a bug (it should not happen) with your website as it’s set by default to not display anymore. But as you can see, this plugin was released just a few days ago, we still have to fix a few thing. Meaning that we will look at this.

    That being said, with all respect, I’m not sure that blackmailing plugin developpers for changes to be made, according to your needs, in exchange of a good review, is a constructive idea for all of us.

    According to your profile, you seems to be familiar with this practice regarding other plugins : https://wordpress.org/support/topic/bagging-for-5-stars-ignoring-message-not-working/. That’s very unusual.

    I don’t think to “review-blackmail” us as some sort of motivation to fix your problems. Simply uninstalling our plugins would have been much easier (if it’s such a frustration).

    Meaning that you can leave the review at 1 star for as long as you wish. That’s ok. Other users will understand.

    This exchange could have been far more pleasant & constructive for all WP users.


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    Hello @mcjohnlj

    Once you close a notification, it shouldn’t appear for at-least 4 months. We checked on our end again just to make sure and this limitation is in place and working okay on our end. Probably something else caused an issue on your end for notification to not disappear properly (e.g: ajax call didn’t went through to set value in database). We would like you to test it again, if there is still issue, we’re here to help. Any constructive criticism would help us to make better plugins and better user experience for everyone. Hopefully, you will consider to change your review.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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