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  • jeffsorley



    I am testing out Webcomic 4.0.1 to see if I want to replace NextGen Gallery as the webcomic viewer on my website

    I have a couple of questions and, maybe, a follow-up question.

    1) How can I stop Webcomic from posting my newly added comics to the blog feed on my main page? I only want them to be visible when someone is directly linked to the webcomic itself.

    I post some semi-regular strips where it will be OK to have them post on the main blog, but I also do some short stories where all pages will be posted at once and, in those cases, I want to create a separate blog post with the comic’s ‘cover’ and a link that takes you to the first page of the comic.

    2) Is there a way to add social media buttons (FB like/share, G+1, etc.) to each posted webcomic?

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  • Hi,

    I also have this issue – was any solution found?


    Plugin Author Mike


    I don’t know the particulars of jeffsorley’s setup, but I’m guessing he was using Webcomic’s integrate option, which displays the most recently published webcomic on the homepage. You can alter this behavior by creating a custom webcomic/loop_start.php template in your current theme (e.g. if you’re using Twenty Twelve, the new template would be in /wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/webcomic/loop_start.php). You can copy Webocmic’s own lopo_start.php template (found in /wp-content/plugins/webcomic/-/php/integrate/loop_start.php) into the correct location and modify it as you’d like. To remove webcomics from the homepage you’ll want to remove all of the code for the is_front_page() condition:

    /** Automagic integration for loop_start.
     * @package Webcomic
     * @uses first_webcomic_link()
     * @uses previous_webcomic_link()
     * @uses random_webcomic_link()
     * @uses next_webcomic_link()
     * @uses last_webcomic_link()
     * @uses the_webcomic()
     * @uses the_webcomic_collection()
     * @uses the_webcomic_storylines()
     * @uses the_webcomic_characters()
     * @uses is_webcomic()
     * @uses is_webcomic_archive()
     * @uses webcomic_collection_title()
     * @uses webcomic_collection_poster()
     * @uses webcomic_collection_description()
     * @uses is_webcomic_storyline()
     * @uses webcomic_storyline_title()
     * @uses webcomic_storyline_cover()
     * @uses webcomic_storyline_description()
     * @uses is_webcomic_character()
     * @uses webcomic_character_title()
     * @uses webcomic_character_avatar()
     * @uses webcomic_character_description()
    <?php if ( !is_feed() ) { ?>
    	<style scoped>.webcomic-img img{height:auto;max-width:100%}</style>
    <?php } ?>
    <?php if ( is_front_page() ) { ?>
    	<!-- don't do anything -->
    <?php } elseif ( is_webcomic() ) { ?>
    	<div class="integrated-webcomic">
    		<nav class="webcomic-above"><?php first_webcomic_link(); previous_webcomic_link(); random_webcomic_link(); next_webcomic_link(); last_webcomic_link(); ?></nav><!-- .webcomic-above -->
    		<div class="webcomic-img"><?php the_webcomic( 'full', 'next' ); ?></div><!-- .webcomic-img -->
    		<nav class="webcomic-below"><?php first_webcomic_link(); previous_webcomic_link(); random_webcomic_link(); next_webcomic_link(); last_webcomic_link(); ?></nav><!-- .webcomic-below -->
    	</div><!-- .integrated-webcomic -->
    <?php } elseif ( is_webcomic_archive() ) { ?>
    	<h2 class="webcomic-collection-title"><?php webcomic_collection_title(); ?></h2><!-- .webcomic-collection-title -->
    	<div class="webcomic-img webcomic-collection-poster"><?php webcomic_collection_poster(); ?></div><!-- .webcomic-collection-poster -->
    	<div class="webcomic-collection-description"><?php webcomic_collection_description(); ?></div><!-- .webcomic-collection-description -->
    <?php } elseif ( is_webcomic_storyline() ) { ?>
    	<h2 class="webcomic-storyline-title"><?php webcomic_storyline_title(); ?></h2><!-- .webcomic-storyline-title -->
    	<div class="webcomic-img webcomic-storyline-cover"><?php webcomic_storyline_cover(); ?></div><!-- .webcomic-storyline-cover -->
    	<div class="webcomic-storyline-description"><?php webcomic_storyline_description(); ?></div><!-- .webcomic-storyline-description -->
    	<nav class="webcomic-storyline"><?php first_webcomic_storyline_link(); previous_webcomic_storyline_link(); random_webcomic_storyline_link(); next_webcomic_storyline_link(); last_webcomic_storyline_link(); ?></nav><!-- .webcomic-storyline -->
    <?php } elseif ( is_webcomic_character() ) { ?>
    	<h2 class="webcomic-character-title"><?php webcomic_character_title(); ?></h2><!-- .webcomic-character-title -->
    	<div class="webcomic-img webcomic-character-avatar"><?php webcomic_character_avatar(); ?></div><!-- .webcomic-character-avatar -->
    	<div class="webcomic-character-description"><?php webcomic_character_description(); ?></div><!-- .webcomic-character-description -->
    	<nav class="webcomic-character"><?php first_webcomic_character_link(); previous_webcomic_character_link(); random_webcomic_character_link(); next_webcomic_character_link(); last_webcomic_character_link(); ?></nav><!-- .webcomic-character -->
    <?php }

    Webcomic doesn’t include anything for displaying social links with webcomics, but there’s probably at least one other plugin in the directory that will add them for you.

    Geez, I totally dropped the ball with this one because we had to make a last-minute international move (OK, we had two months’ notice, but still).

    Mike, I will try out this solution and see what happens.


    Hooray! It works!

    Mike- Two questions:

    1) Regarding your comment “…but there’s probably at least one other plugin in the directory that will add them for you.”

    Are you referring to social media button plugins, or something else? I already use one, and it puts buttons on all of my posts and pages EXCEPT for those created with Webcomic.

    2) (A very quick side question [and if this should be its own thread, let me know]): If you view a sample of my comic, you can see that the navigation arrows at the top and bottom are difficult to see. Would altering their look be a change I would make in Webcomic’s settings, or in my theme’s settings?

    If it is in Webomic’s settings, where would I make that change? If not, just let me know and I will figure out the rest.

    Thanks so much!

    Plugin Author Mike


    1. Yep; the important thing is you want to find one that supports custom post types, which is what Webcomic’s webcomic posts actually are. A quick Google search brought up Social Maven as the first result, which purports to support custom post types (I don’t use such plugins myself, nor have I used Social Maven, so I can’t really recommend one for you).
    2. A little CSS should be enough to make those links more visible. Try adding something like this to your theme style.css file:
      .integrated-webcomic nav a {
      float: left;
      font-size: 300%;
      line-height: 2;
      width: 20%;
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