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    This has got to stop, there is a point that you just need to realize that the system is not broken and is not in need of any “improvements”. Very soon this will begin to operate like Wix..and if that happens, hello Drupal. You should create a Developer version that has all optional updates such as the nightmarish tinyMCE editor that was added to the text widget. It appears as of late that these updates have caused more issues than they are worth such as the XMLRPC issue from a few months ago. Please create a stable release option which only gives you update notification every 6 months or when all known bugs have been fixed. Better yet just give me the option to turn on/off sections of an update. I am tired of having to rework css/code because these core developers decide to start adding p tags everywhere. Those of us who know how to program should be given more options versus the typical blogger who needs all the nice GUI options you all can spit out.

    PS. Get rid of the tinyMCE text widget or create a seperate widget we can call upon should the need arise.

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  • This is the beauty of WordPress — can do all of those things.

    You could stay on the 4.7 track and avoid the tinyMCE text widgets, and it’ll have security updates for years.

    You could write a plugin to disable tinyMCE in text widgets; it could be quite popular!

    You could contribute to core and fight to add things like your “developer version”.

    You could fork WordPress itself into a new product. That’s actually how WordPress started — Matt and Mike didn’t like what b2 was doing, so they forked it into WordPress. You could do the same thing.

    Progress in WordPress isn’t going to slow down, but you have options to keep things working well for you.

    well said Mick!

    Wise words Mick, will take all of that under advisement. I will definitely jump onto any additions to core that I feel I can assist with. Even if its just bug testing…I know how to break things very well.

    I agree completely. Some of these updates are as useless as can be, like removing the underline… what was the point of that?! Most people have their links a different color from the rest of the text, so they know it is a hyperlink. Now I have to add a plugin just to put that basic feature back in to the editor.

    Another thing that really irritates me is the spacing between bulletpoints. Now I have to do it via html and go hunting for exactly where I want a space in between each unordered list item, whereas before I could space twice, and just back space the empty one. Now it doesn’t leave a space.

    And just to vent one more thing, the linking box for creating links is so fiddly and frustrating its amazing that it got placed as an “improvement” over the original. At this point, developers are just doing things for the sake of doing it. Leave all the other stuff alone and just focus on performance and security instead of meddling with things that have worked perfectly fine for years.

    I agree with @dpope0824, not every feature added seems to have positive impact on general population of users. Although staying in an old version is an option, it is not always possible, because of consumer/customer demand of upgrade to latest and newest.

    @mickmel, you are right, this is an open source project, and we should contribute. However not all of us are PHP developers. Maybe a more transparent management/methodology of new features would be beneficial for all of us.

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    Maybe a more transparent management/methodology of new features would be beneficial for all of us.

    It’s already transparent, you just have to get involved:

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