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  1. MsChick74
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm attempting to move http://www.limitreached.com to http://www.nonchron.com. I had started to install WordPress on to nonchron, but never really did anything with it. When I did that a subdirectory (wordpress1/) was created. I migrated the limitreached site to nonchron using BackupBuddy, but obviously something went awry.

    Now if you try going to http://www.nonchron.com it redirects you to http://www.nonchron.com/wordpress1/.

    If you go to any other page on my blog, it works correctly. How do I tell the site to stop trying to go to that blank wordpress1 page?

    Any assistance would be appreciated. I'm not a pro at this, but know enough to be dangerous (obviously why my site is broken).


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