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  1. danbriant
    Posted 7 years ago #

    So yer i had my blog for 3 months and it was always getting flooded by spam etc, as i dont want to allow user registrations etc.

    So i tried Akismet and sure it works fine but i mean having to clear out my spam thing can get annoying, as i sometimes get loads of spam, in those 3 months i got 12k spam comments!!

    So i decided to flick through the ip's of where these comments are coming from, i noticed it was a specific range of ip's, looked like a bot network or something
    So i ended up blocking the range (around 500 ip's) and since then i have only got 1 spam comment instead of around 1-2k in a week :)

    Add this to your .htaccess file, as i came to the conclusion that 74.x and 75.x are used by spammers.

    <Limit GET POST>
    order allow,deny
    deny from 194.8.75.
    deny from 194.8.74.
    allow from all

  2. You don't need to clear out your Akismet spam, you know. It does it automatically.

    I'd also suggest Bad-Behavior, in addition to Akismet. It's my favorite spam-blocking tool, and it'll catch those IPs and do a pretty good job of NOT catching innocents who happen to be on those IP ranges :) Also, it'll ONLY allow those people to view your site, so the spammers can look and drool ;)

    IP range blocking is one of those dangerous things that is a last resort for hackers, IMO, rather than spammers.

    BTW, I like your blog. I usually am anti-yellow, but with the brown, it's mellow.

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