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  • I have been looking for a competent/reliable email plugin for wordpress for a while!! The closest thing that I found was MyMail but with the lack of a API its basically a over zealous email template builder that can capture some emails!

    Groundhogg can do everything Mailchimp can do out of the box with less confusion in my opinion! ( Like what is going on with groups, tags and segments????) Groundhog has tags that you can simple append to any user. Have users in multiple subgroups? NP just add them to a specific tag for that! Done!

    If you are looking for pretty HTML emails, sure you can get it done but its a no frills builder. You might actually want to pair MyMail and groundhogg together then import the HTML to groundhogg but PLAIN TEXT CONVERTS THE BEST so dont be fooled by flasshy buttons anyway!

    But the killer take away is the funnels section ( which is called Automation everywhere else ) Its deep roots into wordpress allows you to setup custom workflows for virtually any application. Want to apply tags to when a user plugs into your lead magnet, start a long term nurture list plus, then start a pitching on a course if they take action buy clicking one of your calls to action? DONE.

    Lets not forget its deep analytics either!. REALLY IMPRESSED. You can track every part of a funnel sequence and can send followups based on there actions, whether they view a page, click a link or purchase your product! Apply tags along the way and create a super automation pipline to really target in on your KEY prospects.

    Sure they are using fermium models so you will have to pay to get integrations to other plugs like woo commerce or a decent form builder but its worth supporting these guys!!! Also, it integrates into elementor forms huge ++++ 😉

    PS: If your curious, I am running my configuration with digital ocean and cloudron for backups and easy email configuration. ITS FREE AND IS THE PERFECT COMPANION.

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