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    So I have a user form where they can create draft posts in four categories. Later, our staff will look at these and on approval, publish them.

    But I don’t want these low-level users receiving notifications. Since they are worded with way too much information. What function can check not only a status change, but also check for category before sending a notification?

    I know something along these lines:

    /* Change PublishPress notifications trigger */
    /* Don't Trigger notification when trashing posts or changing to draft/pending */
    add_filter('pp_notification_status_change', 'ppchangetrigger');
    function ppchangetrigger($new_status) {
    if (($new_status === "publish") and CATEGORY != (cat1, cat2, cat3...) {
    return false;
    return true;

    So my “and category is…” part is obviously wrong and I’m asking you how to access a check for this. THANKS!

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  • Hi imagefact,

    Thank you for the suggestion. It would be a great addition.
    We have that new feature on our radar for a next release in the next weeks. We already started planning it.

    Please, let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Kind regards

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