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    If you need to make your site SEC compliant, simply get this plugin. It’s a one-stop shop solution that covers well beyond your requirements, and comes with support that is second to none. Excellent experience.

    I have a client that is a public company, and was in the beginning stages of trading, so I (the IT guy) was tasked with adding the specific requirements to our website that would meet the specifications set by the SEC for publicly traded companies. I had internal guidance regarding the need for SEC filings, stock ticker, chart, and etc. The rub was having to keep these documents up to date going forward, and the need to allow use of the XBRL viewer, which I had never heard of. I had all of the pieces in front of me, but was looking at a topic I did not understand, and only able to find one tool per requirement (stock ticker, document viewer, etc). I saw that there was going to be a lot more ahead in terms of updating newly released documents, making sure all of the tools (plugins) stayed working, and relying on our internal team to tell me about required updates as they came along. *** Plus they have a funky requirement for XBRL viewer to be available for the docs within the page, and an iframe looked like the only possibility….*** Nightmare on the front and back end of this project in terms of hours spent and keeping it maintained.

    So, at about 11pm, with my frustration level going through the roof, I came across this plugin that checked every box for me. Like too many tasks I am handed, this needed to be done yesterday, so I figured I would not be able to get this plugin up and running before the next day, and I would have to explain to my client that they’d have to wait for me to get their site to full compliance…..

    To my shock and delight, I got an email from Joe at b2i confirming the (pleading) message I had just sent on their website’s contact form (yea at 11pm) – that I needed someone to call me ASAP, albeit late at night.

    I have dealt with support companies basically every day for just about a decade, and Joe is one of the incredibly rare guys that is there with every bit of information you didn’t even know you needed to ask for. Truly one in a million. From the beginning until I was fully set up and fully compliant (an hour at most), he gave me the technical information I needed, gave me business-side recommendations to pass to my client, explained the shortcodes I needed out of the gate, showed examples of other layouts, and got me set up so I never have to think about this plugin again. Joe is the type of support guy that makes an IT person, like myself, look like an absolute hero. Covers every base, and personally handles the technical requirements. Followed up with me immediately after it was set up, gave us flexibility so management could make payment arrangements… an absolutely and utterly amazing experience.

    And yes, from my first message to b2i, to being completely done with this…. under an hour.

    My client was ecstatic the next morning. Joe equipped me with so much information about the base compliance requirements and features we could use to really go beyond what the SEC would ever ask for…. I looked like a absolute genius while Joe did all the work. (This is not to say I did not give Joe his due credit, but at the end of the day, the problem I was assigned was handled before the next morning… BOOM).

    b2i is a company that knows the SEC requirements inside and out, and their plugin is technically flawless. It’s their primary business from what I see on their website, they’ve been around for (I believe) about 20 years. I can tell they take pride in producing a tool that knocks these SEC requirements completely out of the ballpark.

    I don’t care what anyone tells me, the cost of this plugin is less than what it would cost to pay any developer to build out these features and keep it up to date in perpetuity. Plus, I sleep much better knowing that I don’t have to worry about either myself or someone else missing and update and getting pegged by the SEC. And if you’re not a developer, it’s ridiculously easy… plus you can just ask for Joe!

    Thanks to Joe and b2i for turning my hours frustration into dropping a few shortcodes on a page and sleeping like a baby.

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