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    Good Day,

    I’m developing a website for a client that is not live yet. They have:

    1. Avada Theme
    2. Clover POS and SkuIQ POS app to sync with WC
    3. Neither POS or POS app allows to set category
    4. All products added by POS app default to uncategorized
    5. Store does not require a default category, nor should 1 be used for my client
    6. Using bulk edit does NOT remove uncategorized
    7. Each product (thousands) needs to be manually updated to remove it

    This is very labor intensive and takes too much time to remove uncategorized from every single product.

    What I’ve tried to remove Uncategorized Category:

    1. CSS – Only option is to remove all categories from product page, not just uncategorized
    2. functions – add filter(s)
    3. Nothing works! I know Avada is a right pain when it comes to WC…

    Please allow us the option to not have a set default category. Just a dash (-) under Categories, like with Tags and SKU on WC all products page, is sufficient to tell us category/subcategories haven’t been applied to product. Would appreciate this available to WC asap or I’ll have a very unhappy client. Thanks!

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  • Plugin Support yukikatayama


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hey @charlyibc,

    As I understand it, you want to get rid of the Uncategprized category? If so should help!

    Hi @yukikatayama,

    Thanks, but that doesn’t work either. I’ve tried everything I could find online. 🙁

    I don’t just want to hide it, I want to not have a default category of any kind. From what I’ve tried and read, it seems the only option for my client is for WC to remove/delete the set default category and/or allow us not to have one some how.

    This new addition of a default category is very bad for some who use WC. While I appreciate it works well for many, what about those of us it doesn’t work for? Whereas, it takes more work, time and ultimately costs money…Please just get rid of it or allow us to delete it completely. My client doesn’t want or need a default category! Thanks!

    Plugin Support Laurena Rehbein


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    Hi CharlyIBC,

    Sorry to hear Caleb’s plugin doesn’t work for you. Where did it fall short?

    There are two other ideas: First, you can rename “uncategorized” to something more useful, even, as you suggest, -

    And Secondly, it is also possible to select many products at the same time and bulk edit, so you can add/remove categories from many products at a time. I know that it may not be a perfect solution there either, but wanted to throw it out there.

    Thanks for the reply Laurena.

    Again my client does NOT wish to have a default category. I cannot remove it, only WC can do that.

    Please remove having to have a default category or allow us to delete it easily with an WC update asap! Please help make my development easier. Thanks!

    Plugin Support Andrew


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    The reason that a default category was introduced is to enable better/ more reliable filtering for admins and customers.

    If you feel like there’s a specific reason to have a feature developed in, you can log an issue here:

    You can also add an idea here:

    Andrew, as stated previously, I can appreciate how “some” would love having a default product category.

    But there are those who have no use for it and should be given the opportunity to delete it; not “made” to use one which is more work, time and money.

    Heck my customer doesn’t want any filters up on custom shop/category pages and doesn’t want breadcrumbs either. Categories are only used for wc shortcodes of what my customer wants on a given page. And as admin, I don’t need them for anything else.

    I will post in github and wc forums with the hope that this will be updated as an option for your customers. At present, it will cost my customer money to follow WC rules or pay a developer to remove it cuz nothing I tried worked…

    Geeesh didn’t think this simple request would be such a hassle… Not everything fits everyone’s specific needs and should be an option to use or not.

    FYI, I have 4 clients that will NOT use a default category and 1 who might.


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