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  • hi

    iam trying to stop wordpress to filter out id-tags from image or href-tags posted by autors

    so after publishing a post ‘<img id=”image11″ becomes ‘<img src=’
    this doesent happen with posts by admins or editors
    i tryed to remove the filter wptexturize on the publish_post event
    but it doesent work
    i also not shure if wptexturize is the reponsible filter

    how can i switch this filter off ?

    thanx for helping

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  • is this problem so unkown ?
    any answers ?
    any help ?
    any hints ?


    Open upload-js.php (in the wp-admin folder)

    Find the 3 “<img” tags: lines 88, 166 and 239. They look like this:

    <img src='" + ( this.currentImage.thumb ...(etc.)

    You need to put an id in front of the src, like this:

    <img id='" + this.currentImage.ID + "' src='" + ( this.currentImage.thumb ...(etc.)

    This will give you the id values that you need. I’ve tested this and it works fine.
    Good luck!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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