[resolved] Stop filling new sites with 5 default widgets (10 posts)

  1. When I create a new site on the network, it comes pre-filled with 5 widgets. I'd like to stop this. Any ideas?

    (Also - for my own sanity - is this a relatively new feature? Did these only start coming on new blogs since 3.3 maybe?)


  2. Which theme is this?

  3. I set the default theme (with New Blog Defaults plugin) to 4 different themes and made a new site with each one. All of them came with the same widgets in the same order: recent posts, recent comments, recent archives, and recent categories

  4. And to clarify - this isn't a case where there are no widgets in the sidebar, so the theme decides to display these instead. These widgets are actually in the sidebar on the Appearance->Widgets screen

  5. That's the theme doing that, which is why I asked.

    If you made a new single site install, those would be there, too.

  6. Ipstenu: sorry if this sounds combatitive, and I certainly appreciate your willingness to help, but I really just don't think the theme is doing this.

    You're suggesting that all 5 of these themes just happen to be registering the exact same widgets in the same order? o_O

    To further explore, I just went to another incredibly bare, 3.4 beta 2 network, that doesn't have any of these themes, and created a new site. The root blog was using twenty-eleven, and the new site is created with with twenty-eleven as its theme and this exact same set of widgets in this exact order. This REALLY doesn't sound like my theme is doing any of this.

    My gut feeling (backed up by the testing I've mentioned) is that core puts these widgets into the primary sidebar of any new site, and I'm trying to figure out how to stop that from happening.

    Thanks again.

  7. Ok, pretty sure I found what's doing it. upgrade.php, line 284 (3.3.1):

    update_option( 'sidebars_widgets', array ( 'wp_inactive_widgets' => array ( ), 'sidebar-1' => array ( 0 => 'search-2', 1 => 'recent-posts-2', 2 => 'recent-comments-2', 3 => 'archives-2', 4 => 'categories-2', 5 => 'meta-2', ), 'sidebar-2' => array ( ), 'sidebar-3' => array ( ), 'sidebar-4' => array ( ), 'sidebar-5' => array ( ), 'array_version' => 3 ) );

    So my fix will be to tweak this option upon new site creation. Thanks.

  8. You're suggesting that all 5 of these themes just happen to be registering the exact same widgets in the same order? o_O

    Many themes actually do that for you. Course so does WP itself, and if the theme doesn't override it, there you are.

    Make a brand new, nothing there, single install. Watch what happens.

    S'by design.

  9. >> Course so does WP itself

    This is exactly what I said in my earlier posts, and you said "That's the theme doing that"

    >> S'by design.

    Right - which is why my initial question was how to modify core's behavior over this, because that's not how I want our networks to function.

    Anyway, I found my solution (delete_option('sidebars_widgets'); upon site creation). I really do appreciate you trying to help - thanks!

  10. It's both :)

    WP does it, Themes override it. So ... Yes, we're both right :D

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