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    Hi there

    Is there a way to stop an email being send when I change the status of a booking. Therefore whether I delete, approve or disapprove the booking, nothing is sent to the person who made the booking enquiry.

    At the moment a status update is always sent. I see there is an “Email Sending” tick box but not sure what that does. When I untick it and delete a booking, it still sends a notification to the enquirer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author wpdevelop


    This issue is fixed in development version and this fix will be available in the next update, which have to come already soon.
    Kind regards.

    That’s great news! Was thinking I may have been missing something as I haven’t been able to find any posts about this!

    Not sure if it helps but I have been playing around and it seems like it may be a “refresh/cache issue”. Not really sure how to explain this but basically if I do the process “systematically” it seems to work.

    For example if I want to approve/unapprove/delete a booking without notifying the person, I 1. Click Actions 2. Click the booking tick box 3. Click the action required and that seems to work. NOW to do another action and ensure it doesnt notify the person, I have to refresh the page before doing anything else. Not really sure that explanation helped but I’m sure you guys are on top of it anyway!

    On another note, I have noticed that sometimes the buttons / text up the top, or the booking data sometimes go out of “wack”… not sure if that is another identified issue. Just seems a little weird but its still easy enough to see where to click etc. Gesz my explanations are terrible sorry.

    Let me know if I can help in anyway (screen prints etc if required).

    Thanks for the great plugin. Can’t wait to the new update comes out!

    Plugin Author wpdevelop


    I am retested it in the actual version (4.0.2) version (previously I was tested it in development version), and its seems that its working fine.
    So please try to clear the browser cache and retest it again. If the issue is still will exist ,please try to explain in detail, after what actions its stop working.
    2) According issue with buttons, please be sure that you are not deactivated the loading of the Bootstrap JS files at the General Booking Settings page under the “advanced settings of JavaScript loading” section.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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