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  • I am willing to create and host a WP site for my clients in exchange for active membership. If they kill their membership – their site goes away, easy enough. But, what I don’t want is for them to be able to simply make a copy of my hard work and then just move it to another server.

    What does this community recommend? Is there something I could write into the code to prohibit this? Offer only Author credentials to them?

    I am really lost on how to proceed here.

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  • Andrew Nevins


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    You’re essentially asking a legal question here, as there isn’t a technical answer.

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    If you limit your members to logins that hold Author capabilities, then their only means of walking away with the content they created in their member site is to copy/paste each page/posts.
    You could impose a license condition upon the members that grants you exclusive and perpetual web-wide use of their contributions. May not be enforcible, may be too expensive to enforce.

    Thread Starter Blitzburgh


    Can an author create pages – make changes to image galleries – delete menus etc.?

    I want to give them most of the functionality but cripple them from walking in 2 years.

    As far as legal goes – there is no legal issue. They understand when I do this site for them – it is MY site that I am allowing them to use for their purposes. If they no longer want the site, they can cancel their subscription – I turn off the site – everyone walks away for free.

    But if they simply copy the contents with something like Duplicator, I am left screwed over.

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