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    RE STATS – nos of VISITS v. nos of VIEWS

    The split between these two plainly wildly inaccurate.

    At a point when allegedly there are two (2) visitors to the site, the views analysis advises that somehow these ‘two’ people are simultaneously ‘viewing’ from five separate countries….

    WORDPRESS – YOU NEED TO FIX THIS and if I could actually CONTACT you, I’d tell you so – so inaccessible not to be able to give you direct feedback.

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    Is this from a particular plugin?

    sorry – no idea what a ‘plug in’ is…

    After accessing ‘wordpress’ from internet browser, signing in and selecting STATS option from menu bar at the top reading READER STATS MY BLOG FRESHLY PRESSED –

    There is a diagramatic representation of ‘visitors’ and ‘views’ which shows comparison with previous days

    Below this is written analysis

    Part of this analysis gives the nos of views and the nos of visits. It also gives the origin by country of the views. When the nos are very low at the beginning of the day it demonstrates that the nos are wildly inaccurate as what they say is obvious nonsense! Eg it will allege 2 visitors with 5 views and split these views between 4 different countries!

    This morning we had 2 visitors who were allegedly viewing from 4 countries (fast movers!) – the UK, the US, Singapore and also Ireland!

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    Are you using E.g, if you have a site named ‘’.


    brings up

    which takes me to:!/read/following/

    Is your site on WordPress.COM ?? If so, you are in the wrong forums – you need to be here:

    bloody fantastic – wtf can’t I just email them – it’s just a bit of simple feedback; not meant to half a day to convey something soooo straightforward.

    So damn complicated.

    Thanks – obv not yr fault

    Really can’t be fkin bothered tbh! It’s THEIR feedback.

    Just tell them, will you?

    No, we don’t have anything to do with anything on .COM sites, sorry. If you want to communicate with them, you’ll need to post over there.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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