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  • This company steals my photos.

    It uses photos posted on Flickr that are tagged with a Creative Commons license.

    It then adds a link to Foter in the photo credits line — while ignoring specific attribution instructions by the author of the photo.

    It does so in direct violation of the Creative Commons license, which states the following condition:

    Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).

    I, for one, have posted specific attribution instructions — which Foter ignores.

    Too, I certainly do not endorse Foter, nor do I want my photos to be used by that company.

    I have contacted Foter about this, but the company ignores emails.

    Other Flickr users also complain about this company, and I am considering taking legal action against Foter.

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  • Thanks for informing. I was going to install this plugin. Don’t want any copyright disrespect. Particularly since I have a lot of respect of people who offer creative commons content and I do the same with my blog content.

    Good to know! I was also thinking of using this plugin. Now I won’t. Thanks for the info.

    It works fine for me. The link after the picture has three components. One link to your Flickr account, where the picture is located. That hyperlink has your Flickr username on it. A second link takes you to, where the picture is displayed. A third link takes you to the license explanation. Are you sure you’re not looking at the link the wrong way?

    I’ve been using this a while in my blog, and I’ve even had several people thank me for promoting their pictures.

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    @rfnajera Read my initial message on exactly how Foter violates the Creative Common license. They do not attribute in the way specified by me, the owner. That means they violate the license, and thus are stealing my photos — and those of others whose instructions they ignore.

    Moreover, the company does not respond to emails regarding the issue. Apparently they hope it will just go away.

    Yes, some people may have contacted you to thank you for ‘promoting’ their photos. But most people will not want their creations stolen under the guise of ‘promotion.’ Foter is trying to make money by appropriating other people’s creation.

    How would you feel if a company started ‘promoting’ your blog by stealing and repackaging your content?

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