• We running an ecommerce site and installed this plugin and signup up with paystack. We did a small test purchase in the first week. We requested payout from their dashboard login for our account and we only received our money one week later with no explanation. A customer placed and paid for a rather large order. We requested payout from dashboard. Instead of getting our money support sent us an email asking us to explain our nature of business before they can approve release of funds.

    They do have our application details with our website URL for them to check. It’s been more than a week now and we still don’t have our money or a response back from support.
    Stay away from this Nigerian scammer, they transfer small amounts to you but large amounts you’ll never see and their support sucks.

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  • @zebroiduser have you tried making a big money transfer via PayPal before?

    Paystack is a legitimate fintech company, that does not allow its system to be used by scammers or fraudsters.

    You were asked to state the nature of your business and other details, did you do that?

    Top brands in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and other African countries use paystack for transactions. Micro Finance Banks, Betting companies, Airlines, NGOs, Religious houses, Schools, Media organizations, Telecoms and so many others use this Paystack you are calling fraud.

    @zebroiduser make sure you have a genuine and legitimate business before signing up for Paystack.

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