• Firstly they increases my fees from 2% to 10% without telling me then they stole two of my bitcoin payments. They said they hadnt received them when the blockchain clearly shows the payment going to their bitcoin address. Absolute scammers. If I can save one person from being scammed I will be happy

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    Hello decasux,

    Our gateway forwards all received CONFIRMED payments (6+ confirmations) to users external wallets automatically every 30 minutes.

    We cannot forward unconfirmed/double spend payments, you need to wait transaction confirmations first –

    For calculate correct fees, please use “Total Summary” on your payment box statistics page as

    Total_forwarded_to_you * 100% / (Total_confirmed_bitcoins_received - Account_balance)

    I cannot find your account in our system, you can contact with us directly on https://gourl.io/view/contact/Contact_Us.html

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by gourl.
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