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  • I have noticed that when I use bitcoin as the payment method, the stock for sold products is reduced twice. Notification history in WooCommerce says:

    (Note: in my installation it shows everything in German so I have to translate to English. Default readings might be somewhat different…)

    1. reduced stock successfully
    2. article no. 131 reduced from 775 to 774
    3. awaiting bitcoin payment to arrive
    4. Order instructions: price=฿0.00171416, incoming
    (now payment has been done…)
    5. reduced stock successfully
    6. article no. 131 reduced from 774 to 773
    7. status changed from “on hold” to “in progress”
    8. Order paid in full

    As a result the stock amount for this product is reduced twice which leads to wrong inventory information 🙁

    When using other payment method such as bank transfer, in that case no. 5 and 6 do not happen. So I guess that is something that has to do with this plugin. Can anyone confirm the issue and is there a known solution? Any guesses on how to further investigate or fix the issue?

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