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    I’ve been using this plugin for quite some time and it was working great. Recently, the plugin stopped updating the stock value on my web site. If I check with the stock history, it’s like the value are stuck to the value of February 17th. The auto refresh option is enable and the timeout is set to 300 seconds.

    I don’t see any JS error and I use Firefox as my browser.

    Is there an other way to force the refresh of the stock value?


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  • Plugin Author Aleksandar Urošević


    Hi @lauz2002

    Can you please provide link to your website?

    Do you have maybe enabled page cache or cloudflare proxy on your website?
    Do you have recently installed or activated some plugin and which one?



    Hi Aleksandar,

    The website in question is only available to a local network.

    For the site, I do not use cloudflare proxy or page cache and the only new plugin I installed recently is Regenerate Thumbnails. Are you talking about the page cahe plugin or WordPress option?

    The theme I use I use is

    Plugin Author Aleksandar Urošević


    Hello again,

    Please answer following questions:

    1. What version of WordPress you have installed?
    2. What version of Stock Ticker you have installed?
    3. Do you see any error in error_log or wp-admin/debug.log? If you do not have enabled debugging, please add this to wp-config.php
    4. What value you have set for option ‘Cache Timeout’?
    5. How you inserted stock ticker (widget or shortcode)?
    6. What symbols you have set for stock ticker?
    7. Please provide screenshot of ticker with mouse cursor hovered over one symbol (so I can see tooltip with date and time for quote). Example
    8. If you activate default WordPress theme, does Stock Ticker refresh then regularly?


    Thanks again for the assistance.
    1. WordPress 4.7.3
    2. StockTicker 0.2.2
    3. No error from the Stock Ticker plugin
    4. ‘cache_timeout’ => ‘180’, // 3 minutes
    ‘timeout’ => 2,
    ‘refresh’ => true,
    ‘refresh_timeout’ => 5 * MINUTE_IN_SECONDS,
    ‘speed’ => 50,
    5. Insert as Widget in the Dock section of the mentioned theme
    7. Screenshot took this morning
    8. I tried with 2 different default theme and I have the same problem. The stock value does not update

    Plugin Author Aleksandar Urošević


    So after you enabled debugging as I wrote in that pastebin snippet in previous message, you do not see any line in wp-content/debug.log like that below?

    [12-Apr-2017 15:24:04 UTC] Download data for symbols EPA:SU,INDEXEURO:PX1,INDEXDJX:.DJI and cache for 180 seconds

    If not, then please edit file stock-ticker.php and replace line 312 from this:

    $st_transient_id = 'st_json_' . md5( $symbols );

    to this:

    $st_transient_id = 'st_json_' . md5( (int) $defaults['cache_timeout'] . $symbols );

    Then decrease ‘Cache Timeout’ and ‘Refresh Timeout’ to 30 seconds, visit website front-end and monitor debug.log file. You should see info about downloaded data for your symbols on each 30 seconds.

    Does that work for you now?




    With debugging enable, the debug log contains the mentioned line for data download.

    I’m not sure when the plugin started to update again but when I tried with the default stock of the plugin (Apple, Microsoft…), it was updating properly.
    I then tried with my stock and the stock value was from February 17 again…
    I then tried without the INDEXDJX:.DJI and the update was working.
    I changed the Dow Jones symbol to ^DJI and the update is working properly.

    Sadly I’m not sure what I made to make it work but I’m happy it is now working.
    It seems to be with the stock name for Dow Jones.

    Thanks again for the support!
    I’m very happy that the plugin is working fine again!

    Plugin Author Aleksandar Urošević


    I think this can be related to transient name, so I’ll update transient name composer in next release.

    Maybe you tested plugin with long cache timeout on February 17, so transient never expires, no matter that you set shorter timeout latter.

    Issue in current plugin version can also be fixed if you change order of symbols, but if ^DJI working for you, you can keep it like that.


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