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    The stock management function was saving me loads of time, but now for some reason numerous products that are below low stock threshold or out of stock don’t appear, so I have to go about updating stock the old fashioned way, which is a huge pain!

    I’m thinking it’s perhaps because there’s an upper limit of 25 products?

    Is there any way to increase this? Or at least have the option to toggle between “low stock” and “out of stock” with 25 in each?



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    Hi @siwhyatt.

    It is possible to toggle between low stock and out of stock as shown:

    Then, if there are more than 25 products out of stock (or low stock), you should have a pagination option as explained here.

    Do you not have these options?

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    Hi @drwpcom

    I am talking about the newer (and much better) stock management function that was implemented with the “Woo Commerce Admin” plug-in (which I now seen has been deprecated and integrated with the main woocommerce plug-in).

    The shortcut at the top that opens the side panel.

    This is a much faster and convenient way to update the stock that the old stock management system that you have linked to here.

    In the old one you have to open the product, navigate to the stock, etc etc, it’s very slow and frustrating!

    The new one is much better, and would be perfect, were it not for the fact that only 25 products appear, and if I need to update the stock of oroducts that don’t happen to appear in that 25 I have to go about doing it the old way.

    Either increasing the number of products that can be displayed in the new system, or including the option to quickly update the stock number directly on the old stock management screen would make life a lot easier 🙂

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    Hi @siwhyatt. Are you referring to the Stock Panel?

    It automatically shows products that are low stock or out of stock. When you edit the stock of a product, the product will be removed from the list to allow other products. You can learn more about the Stock Panel here –

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to specify which products should show up in the Stock Panel or to change the quantity from 25.

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    Hey @siwhyatt

    As a note – when you have made actions on the 25 listed, if you then close and reopen the “Stock” notificaton panel, this will refresh and when opened again the first load of products that you updated won’t appear in that list.

    I have tested and confirmed this on one of my test sites. If this doesn’t happen without a full-page refresh then something is conflicting with how the WooCommerce Admin functionality should work.

    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.


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    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for that.

    I’ve found the best way adjusting the “low stock level” number for each product higher or lower depending how many are usually left in stock by the time I do the weekly restock.

    Seems to do the job of showing the products I need to edit, and hiding them afterwards.



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