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  • Casper



    Please could someone help me, every time someone purchase, the stock level become negative the exact qty of the purchase item.

    Example: Stock before purchase is 100, after successful purchase of 5 qty the stock level become -5.

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  • Hi Casper,
    It seems that you are using caching plugins or your website is strongly cached by your provider.
    I’d suggest testing this issue without any caching plugin or settings introduced. If the problem will still exist, please ask your hosting provider to disable that for you.
    I’d also check if you are allowing backorders and make sure that you are using the newest WooCommerce version.

    I hope that will help.




    Hi Mariusz,

    Thanks for the info, I am not using any caching plugin in the site and also in the server side. But i am using CloudFlare and backorder is set to do not allow.

    Here’s the version of wp and wc i am using.

    WC version:3.1.0
    WP version:4.8
    WC database version:3.0.9

    Thanks for response Casper, did you set Cloudflare to work properly with your WooCommerce installation?
    I mean bypass cache on cookie described here:
    Especially the ending suggestion is crucial to use the proper CF configuration:
    WordPress (native) wp-.*|wordpress.*|comment_.*
    WordPress with WooCommerce wp-.*|wordpress.*|comment_.*|woocommerce_.*

    It’s a good point to start the investigation what’s wrong with the order as it’s not in common for WooCommerce not to upgrade the stock status.




    Hi Mariuz,
    I turn off cloudflare and wait for a couple of hours and do another test but still the same.

    I have some screenshot of whats going on.

    Before purchase stock level is 1000:

    Customer purchase 5 quantity of that item

    When i check the order status:

    Whats strange is that the stock level detected is 0 and the new purchase 5(qnty) is treated as backorder even if its not allowed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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